Amy's Audition is a special episode that shows what happens when Amy auditions for Angela's touring company. This takes place at the same time as episode 1.


Amy is walking up the hall of Miss Angela's studio. In talking heads she says that this is her big break, since Miss Angela didn't win regionals, she turned her studio into a touring company, and needs some more recruits. Just before she enters the studio, her phone rings. She answers and it's Winnie, Amy asks how she is and she replays saying she is great and that she is auditioning for A-Troupe since her production has ended. Amy explains that she should get straight onto A-Troupe since she was a previous member and there is a spot open.

Amy enters the studio and is immediately greeted by Simone, she is welcomed to warm up with her and a few other auditionees. Simone introduces her to Kayla and Annabelle. Simone leaves to help Miss Angela. Kayla, Annabelle and Amy talk to each other and they explain to Amy that they were a part of the studio last year but since it was turned into a touring company everyone has to re-audition for their position and only 6 dancers make it in.

Amy can hear her phone ring from the locker room so she goes to answer it. Piper is FaceTiming her and wishes her good luck for the audition. She explains that A-Troupe has been torn apart but will explain later. Amy leaves the locker room as Miss Angela is rounding everyone up. She explaines that the first round is freestyle and then after that there will only be twelve dancers left. After that it is choreography and that will decide the final six.

Everyone creates a semi-circle as the dancers perform a solo. Amy goes second and in talking heads Simone says this is way better than her previous audition. Kayla and Annabelle perform their solos and in talking heads Amy says if they were at The Next Step they would definitely be on A-Trpupe. Miss Angela reveals the twelve remaining dancers. Amy, Simone Annabelle , Kayla and eight other dancers make it in.

Miss Angela teaches the choreography and in talking heads Annabelle says that the choreography is as easy and emotionaless as every year but she is very picky with her dancers. Miss Angela reveals the six touring dancers are Simone, Kayla, Annabelle, Amy and two other dancers.

The touring dancers gather and Miss Angela explaines that the new dance captain is Simone. In talking heads Kayla says that she is favouriting Simone just like she did with Lily last year.
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She calls an hour break and the three girls go to the cafe. They all discuss there pasts with Miss Angela.

As the dancers gather again, Miss Angela is seen very stressed and annoyed she says that she will be cutting the most un-professional dancers. She kicks Kayla, Annabelle and another dancers off the team.

Amy overhears her on the phone in the office saying she can only afford 1 dancer to go on tour as a solo performance. In rehearsal, Angela is very snappy and Amy stops the routine saying she overheard her in the office, and says she is sick of her and the other dancers being stringed along and that it is obvious that she will pick Simone. Amy get her bag and walks out the studio. In talking heads she says she is ready to go back to TNS: her real home.