Back on Track is the 7th episode in Season 6. The new studio head is revealed. Emily and Michelle seek an opportunity to get back into Miss Kate's good book. And Noah is unsure if there is light at the end of the tunnel for him and Jacquie.


A-Troupe is gathered in Studio A waiting for Miss Kate to reveal the new studio head. Kate enters with Thalia and reveals she is the new studio head. Everyone runs in for a group hug, and in talking heads Thalia says she is so happy to be a part of The Next Step again.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie

Thalia announces that she has hired a new choreographer, she reveales it is William, as he enters. The whole team is in shock but William smiles at Richelle, and she returns a little smile back.

Thalia calls Noah into the office and lets him know he has his spot as dance captain back. Noah is overjoyed.

Emily enters Shakes & Ladders and in talking heads says she feels so happy to return, she has been thinking of ways to hopefully get back some position at the studio. Michelle enters in the other door, they see each other and hug.

Summer and Noah are rehearsing their duet when Jacquie enters. They immediately stop and Noah offers her the studio space. Jacquie refuses and says she guesses he'd rather rehearse with Summer. She storms out.

Thalia is in the Studio 1 office when Emily and Michelle enter. Thalia says she called them here to offer them an assistance job. It will train them to become better studio heads in the future. They agree. They go to see Miss Kate to get her permission. She is a bit weary at first but eventuly agrees.

Noah goes to see Jacquie in Shakes and Ladders to see what's wrong. She says they have not spent enough time together later and says they need to break up. She leaves and Noah is left in shock.

At the end of rehearsal, Ozzy asks Richelle to stay back. He performs a solo and at the end asks Richelle to be his girlfriend. Before Richelle could reply, William interrupts and asks Ozzy to stay back to rehearse his trio section in the finals routine. Richelle says she'll see Ozzy after rehearsal. But William asks Richelle to get a juice with him after he's rehearsed with Ozzy, and she agrees. In talking heads, Ozzy says he's finally realised him and Richelle can never be.