Back to Where We Started is the 3rd episode in Season 6. Finn tries to get Kenzie to open up to him. Richelle gets used to not being on A-Troupe. Henry has a new crush, but doesn't see the full picture.


In Studio A, the new A-Troupe are cooling down as Miss Angela over watches. She says they all need to hold their leg up straight to show they have taken something in from today's ballet lesson and then they can go, but if they can't, they stay back another hour. Finn, who has no classical training, struggles. As Angela observs everyone to see if they can go, Finn starts to panick. Kenzie, who is next to Finn, without looking at him, givs him a tip and he immediately gets a straight leg. He was allowed to go with the rest of the team, but try's to thank Kenzie but she just brushes him off. In talking heads, Kenzie says she is her to dance, and to dance only.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Lily, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

Richelle walks into Studio 1, and sighs in relief that she's back at the studio. In talking heads, she says she needs to stay at the studio so she can prove to Angela that she is ready for A-Troupe. She performes a solo to 'World Famous' as Lily over watches in the background.

Kenzie sits in Shakes & Ladders eating her lunch when Finn enters. In talking heads, he says he thinks him and Kenzie would be great friends. He sits down opposite her and try's to make small talk with her, but she only replies with "Yeah" and "Mmhh". Eventuly she says "I didn't come to make friends, I came here to dance" as she picks up her lunch and walks away.

Lily performes a solo to 'Game Face' as Henry walks in. After she finishes, he walks over to her and says he thinks her dance was amazing. She flirtily replies. They talk for a bit and Henry asks if she wants to go and get a juice with him later. She says yes. He walks away excitedly and in talking heads he says he's excited to go on a date later with Lily.

As Kenzie is about to leave the building to go home, Finn stops her asks her why she doesn't want to make friends. She says she doesn't want to talk about it and she leaves. Finn is left wondering why.

In Shakes and Ladders, Henry is sat waiting for Lily. Kingston enters and asks who he's waiting for. He tells him he's on a date with Lily and he's just waiting for her. He asks him why he would want to date Lily, he says she's really mean. Henry shoots him a disgusted look. As Kingston is about to leave, he turns back to Henry and tells him he's making a huge mistake. As Henry is sat waiting, he wonders if Lily is even going to come.