Centre Spot is the 3rd episode in Season 7. Kingston finds new feelings towards someone, an ambitious J-Trouper is put in his place and important spots on the team tear A-Troupe apart.


Kingston is in Shakes & Ladders with two smoothies. In talking heads, he says that he invited Summer to have a smoothie with him and that he has a surprise for her. Summer enters and sits down next to him. Kingston shows her some new studios that are still looking for team members for Nationals, he says that he is trying to get her, Henry and Noah back onto A-Troupe but at least they'll have a studio to dance at if he can't. In talking heads, Summer says that she can't tell Kingston about the secret troupe so has to find an excuse. She tells him she is trying to get back onto A-Troupe but wants to stay at TNS.

Intro is: Kenzie-Piper, Ty-Finn, Lily-Heathcliff, Kingston-Ozzy, Davis-Richelle

In Studio A, A-Troupe are waiting for Johnny to come and start the rehearsal. Kingston is telling Ozzy about his day and he inturrupts calling out Kingston that he has been talking about Summer a lot recently, and asks if he likes her. Kingston sternly replies with "No" and then "No" again in a questionable voice. Ozzy replies saying that he totally likes her. At this point, everyone is looking at them as Johnny is asking if they don't mind not having a conversation in the middle of the lesson. Johnny says that he has chosen the line positions. In the back row, there is Ozzy, Heath and Davis. In talking heads, Davis says that she is feeling unappreciated at this studio. In the middle row there is Kingston, Ty, Finn and Lily and in the front row is Richelle and then he is still deciding whether Piper or Kenzie should get centre spot.

He continues saying that people can start running for dance captain, and if they do to talk to him, Emily and Giselle after rehearsal. Ozzy whispers to Kingston that he should try out for dance captain and that will impress Summer. He whispers to him laughing saying that he doesn't like her in that way. Johnny repeats loudly to them saying after rehearsal.

Emily is in studio 1 watching the star J-Trouper, Simon, rehearse his solo. After he has finished, Simon says he would love to be centre spot in the group dance. Emily says that he already has a solo and a duet, what more does he want? She continues saying that he needs to wait and let time do its thing. Simons complains that he wants centre spot in this dance, not a future dance. In talking heads, Emily says that she likes Simon's ambition, but can be a bit of a handful sometimes.

Lily, Richelle, Piper, Kenzie, Kingston and Finn are in Studio A as they all want to be dance captain. Johnny says that they need to persuade Giselle and the rest of the team by the end of the day. He calls Piper and Kenzie into the office. He says that they can't run for dance captain because they need to choreograph a solo to decide who gets centre spot. They walk out annoyed. Kenzie asks Piper why she didn't just take front row-left and then it would be decided and they could run for dance captain, Piper replays asks why she didn't take front row-left, then they argue.

In studio 1, Kenzie and Piper are practicing their solos. The secret troupe are about to enter for rehearsal and all but Amy manage to get away before they are spotted. Piper runs up to Amy saying she didn't know she was coming back. Amy lies to Piper saying she is on B-Troupe. Amy exits and Kenzie is about to as well. Piper asks where's she's going and Kenzie says she is done rehearsing and is going to run for dance captain. She says that she wants to try and fit both of them in.

In Shakes and Ladders, Kingston and Summer are chatting and he mentions he is running for dance captain. Summer congratulates him and hugs him. Lily enters with a big poster and begins a cheesy speech. Half way through, Richelle enters with an even bigger poster and begins a speech through a microphone. Finn and Kenzie enter with posters and they all begin shouting over each other. Johnny, Emily, Giselle and the rest of Shakes and Ladders look at them in shock. Richelle tells Lily to shut up and throwers some orange juice at her. Lily throws food back at her and then Finn, who is near the counter, throws a scoop of ice cream aiming at Richelle but hits Kenzie instaid. They all get into a food fight and the manager comes in and kicks them all out.

The next day, A-Troupe enter Studio A and Kingston is already there reading out a speech he wrote and when he finished, Giselle says he is the new dance captain. She asks Kenzie and Piper to perform their solos. Kenzie has a worried look on her face. Piper performes an amazing solo, Kenzie performes a solo that is OK but not very well rehearsed. Piper gets front-centre, in talking heads, Kenzie says that this isn't over.