Climbing Higher And Falling Lower is the 1st episode in Season 7 and takes place at the same time as Amy's Audition. The studio is torn apart as familiar faces join A-Troupe but at experienced dancer's expense.


A-Troupe dance to 'Whistle' as they celebrate their regionals win. In talking heads, Lily says she really feels like a part of the team now. Richelle says that she really needs to leave a mark on the studio as next year will be her last year, alongside some other dancers, if they make it to internationals.

Emily and Giselle enter Studio A with Ty and Heathcliff saying that they will be joining A-Troupe. In talking heads, Lily says that it will probably be her getting replaced, she thought they finally trusted her. Richelle asks who's leaving A-Troupe and Giselle says they are still deciding.

In Shakes & Ladders, Lily, Piper, Kenzie and Finn are discussing who they think will leave A-Troupe. Kenzie apologises to Piper and then says she thinks it will be her. Piper rushes out and Finn asks her why she said that. Kenzie says she was just speaking her mind.

On the other side of the room, Davis, Ty and Nathaniel are chatting. Nathaniel says he is devastated that he didn't get a chance to audition. Ty says it should have been him instaid of Heathcliff. Heathcliff overhears this and storms out.

Noah, Henry and Kingston walk in and Noah says he wouldn't be surprised if it was Lily who gets kicked off.

Davis performs a solo in Studio 1 saying that she misses her sister being at the studio.

A-Troupe perform a dance to Giselle and Emily and they say they have made their descision. Emily says they think it is best if there are 10 dancers on the troupe therefore no-one should feel unappreciated. Giselle says the three dancers leaving are Noah, Henry and Summer. They walk out sadly as everyone else is left in shock. Piper goes up to Kenzie and shows her that she is still on A-Troupe and made the wrong descision doubting her. Lily breaths a sigh of relief as she is still on A-Troupe and Heathcliff goes up to Ty and tells him he is good enough to be here. Noah approaches Emily asks if there has been a mistake but she declines.