Come Into My World is the 4th episode in Season 6. Richelle and Lily's rivalry grow. Kingston and Henry's friendship is tested. Jacquie overreacts to Noah, and B-Troupe protest.


A-Troupe is warming up in Studio A, when Lily enters. Henry rushes up to her and asks her where she was yesterday. Lily gives a pathetic excuse but because Henry is head-over-heals for her, he forgives her. Kingston shakes his head in disgust. Angela comes into the studio and announces the first dance that they will be working on is the duet. She picks Noah and Summer.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Lily, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

In Studio A, Noah and Summer are rehearsing there duet to 'Top of the World' as Jacquie walks in. When they finish she goes up to Noah and asks him if he wants to go on a date tonight. He says yes and Jacquie walks away happily.

Angela is working with B-Troupe on a new routine but the whole troupe find the routine too easy. Davis tells her the routine is not challenging enough and suggests rehearsing a new routine to compete in a small comptition. Miss Angela tells them they should be greatfull that there even a part of the studio then tells them to rehearse the routine as she storms out. Davis, Ty and Nathaniel agree that they need to protest to get what they want, but they need someone to help.

As Richelle warms up in Studio 1, Lily enters and challenges her to a battle. Richelle agrees confidently and in talking heads, she says she is ready for it.

Kingston asks Henry to meat him in Studio A, so they can sort things out. Henry starts with saying he should respect his and Lily's relationship, but Kingston says she's just using him. They start to argue and nothing is resolved.

Davis, Nathaniel and Ty meet Winnie, Piper and Amy in Shakes and Ladders, to discuss the protest. They agree it should be in Studio A, where there's a lot of space They go to recrute more members of TNS to stand up agains Angela to give B-Troupe more attention

Jacquie storms into Studio A, and goes up to Noah reminding them they were suppose to be on a date. Noah apologises and says he needs to stay and rehearse with Summer. Jacquie shoots Summer a look so Summer leaves. Jacquie says not to bother as she storms off.

All the recruites come into Studio A and start to protest. Angela comes in and demands them to stop. Piper says they won't until she gives B-Troupe some respect. Angela reluctently agrees but in talking heads says "You need to loose the battles to win the war."

Cultural References

The title is based off a song called 'Come Into My World' by Kylie Minogue.