Complicated is the 1st episode of Season 6. The dancers find out a lot has changed within The Studio. Kate is on the hunt for a new studio head.


Kate is walking around the building pinning up posters on every notice board there is. The poster says that The Next Step is looking for a new studio head. In talking heads, Kate says that she needs to find a new studio head otherwise The Next Step can't go to Regionals.

In Shakes and Ladders, the new juice bar, Thalia and Giselle are having a conversation and Kate rushes in and pins another poster on the menu board. Giselle and Thalia walk over confused and ask Kate what she's doing. Kate explains to them that she is looking for a new studio head. A smirk creeps up on Thalia's face as she goes to ask Kate how to sign up, but before she can speak Heather interrupts and reassures Kate that she wants her to find a new studio head, but tells her she can't put posters up on the menu. Kate rips it off and rushes out.

The remaining members of A-Troupe celebrate qualifying for regionals in Studio A. Noah explaines that Richelle is in hospital and is unsure if she will be ready for regionals. Jacquie says that Lola left because she felt guilty for snapping Richelle's point shoes. Kingston says that Zara was kicked off the team because she re-joined the math team and was not fully committed to A-Troupe. Piper sadly says that Josh left the studio for an unknown reason, but can't help feeling like it was her fault. The ending pose is Jacquie, Amy, Noah, Piper, Henry, Kingston, Ozzy. Miss Kate enters and tells them there will be a star of the year and let's them decide between themselves as she rushes of to Studio 1.

In Shakes and Ladders, Giselle is telling Thalia a funny story but can clearly see Thalia is distracted. She snaps her fingers in Thalia's face and asks her what's wrong. Thalia explains that she wants to sign up for studio head but doesn't know if she's good enough. Giselle motivates her to do it, so they go to Studio 1 to sign up.

In Studio A the dancers argue over who should be star of the year, but a woman and a young girl enter. The woman says, "No, Lily will be the star of this year." The dancers all stare at them confused.

cultural references

The episode title is based of a song called 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne.