Downfall is the 14th episode in Season 6. Noah and Jacquie reunite, Kenzie gets her confidence back, and Heathcliff gets an unfriendly welcome to A-Troupe.


In Studio A, Noah is teaching Jacquie his and Summer's duet. Summer walks in and sees them rehearsing, she exits and in talking heads she says she guesses she's replaced.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Amy- Summer, Kenzie- Finn, Henry- Richelle, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Heathcliff.

In Shakes & Ladders, Noah is taking a break as Henry enters. He asks Noah why he broke up with Summer. Noah says she just wasn't right for him, but he is planning a date for Jacquie tonight. Henry accepts that and says aslong as Noah is happy.

Kenzie sits in hospital, and in talking heads says she's never felt this lonely, and the worst thing is no one cares. As she is about to cry, Finn, Piper and Amy enter with gifts. Kenzie says she is happy people are there for her.

Davis is sat in Shakes and Ladders, as Heathcliff enters. Davis shouts at him saying it's unfair he just decides to join TNS and makes it into A-Troupe. Heathcliff sarcasticly apoligizes and says he must have been the best. Davis says he will get what he deserves and storms out.

A-Troupe are warming up as Kenzie enters. She says it was a quick heal and she can return to A-Troupe. They all have a group hug. Thalia calls Kenzie into the office and tells her that she has missed alot of rehearsal so she will have to become an altetnate. She also announces the other alternate is Ozzy. She also says that Kenzie's solo is now Noah's.

Kenzie is practicing in Studio 1 as Finn enters. He says he's sorry she is an alternate. Kenzie says not to worry, it's not his fault. She says she's just going to keep working hard.

After rehearsal, Noah sets up a date for him and Jacquie. They slow dance to "Blinded By Your Grace" as Summer enters. In talking heads, Summer sadly says they were meant for eachother. And rushes out. At the end, Noah and Jacquie kiss.


Noah and Jacquie's date was the same style as James and Riley's in "London Calling".