Edge Of Glory is the 22nd episode of Season 6 and the season finale. A-Troupe perform in the finals of regionals and Amy and Giselle get the opportunities of a lifetime.


A-Troupe are in the wings waiting to go on stage. Gemini exit the stage and Skylar goes up to Richelle and challenges her to beat that.

Intro is: Noah-Jacquie, Amy-Summer, Kenzie-Finn, Henry-Richelle, Piper-Kingston, Ozzy-Davis

They perform a dance to "This Is Me" and get a huge applause at the end. Gemini enter the stage and the commentator says that it is a tie. Noah says he is ready for his solo.

Noah performs his solo and flashbacks are shown from his storylines this season. Noah wins and the whole team runs onto the stage to celebrate.

Giselle approaches Thalia and says she has accepted the offer for the position as studio head. Richelle pulls Ozzy aside and kisses him. In talking heads, she says she has butterflies in her stomach, Ozzy says this is his dream come true.

When A-Troupe have left the stage, Michelle and Emily walk around the stage talking about everything that has happened this year, TNS East vs TNS West, the departure of Lola, Zara, Josh and Heather, and Miss Angela taking over.

Davis and Noah are talking and Davis says that Jacquie will be okay.

Simone approaches Amy and offers her another audition. She accepts and all of A-Troupe hug her, she walks out saying that this is a fresh start, a new beginning for her.