End Of The Road is the 20th episode in Season 6. It is the end of the road for Jacquie and Noah's relationship, and it is the trio's responsibility to get TNS to the finals.


Noah and Jacquie are rehearsing their duet and Jacquie tells him she is moving away tomorrow morning. Noah is devastated.

Intro is: Noah-Jacquie, Amy-Summer, Kenzie-Finn, Henry-Richelle, Piper-Kingston, Ozzy-Davis

Kingston is talking to Henry and Ozzy and apologizes for what happened yesterday. They tell him everything that happened.

Jacquie and Noah are waiting to go on stage when Noah pulls her aside. He says that there is no way they can be together when they are so far apart, so they need to break up. Jacquie begins crying but agrees. They are called on stage and begin their dance. Chuck Anderson comments on the emotion on both of their faces. They win the round but are sad because that was their last dance.

Before Henry, Finn and Kingston get changed for their trio, Finn admits that he is really worried. Kingston gives him advice from when he was worried for his solo. Finn feels better and in talking heads says he is ready.

They perform their trio and win the round. Everyone is so excited to perform in the finals.