Giselle is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.


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Giselle is the former dance captain of A-Troupe and the current studio head.


Season 6

Giselle helps Thalia build her confidence up when she says she wants to sign up to be the new studio head.

Giselle visits the studio and helps Summer with her routine for the dance battle with Henry. Summer accidentally drops the key to the locker room that she stole, and Giselle sees but doesn't think anything of it, but realises Summer forgets to take it so Giselle takes it to give it to her next time she sees her. Summer comes rushing into the office where Giselle and Thalia are to ask if they know where the key is. Giselle hands it to her and is shocked to find out she stole it.

Season 7

Giselle and Emily hire Riley, Cierra and Amanda to lead a secret troupe that will compete for money that can save the studio from going bankrupt. Giselle brings Heathcliff and Ty into A-Troupe to replace Summer, Noah and Henry, who go to the secret troupe. She hires Johnny as the new choreographer.


Giselle is very caring and works hard to make sure her friends are happy. She is very cheerful and bubbly but knows when to take things seriously.

Physical Appearance


Giselle has wavy ginger hair and is fairly tall.


Giselle wears a blue short sleeved top and black shorts.



  • Acro: Acro is Giselle's dominant style, as well as a genre that she is highly proficient in.
  • Ballet: Giselle is proficient in ballet.
  • Contemporary: Giselle is proficient in contemporary.
  • Hip-hop: Giselle is proficient in hip-hop.
  • Jazz: Giselle is fairly proficient in jazz.