Sometimes Henry can be blinded by love.


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‘’’Henry’’’ is a hip-hop dancer on A-Troupe.


Season 6

Henry makes it back onto A-Troupe after Angela re-auditions them. He and Lily grow closer and go on a few dates. Kingston tried to convince Henry that Lily is just using him but he wouldn’t believe him. After Lily gets kicked off A-Troupe, she tells Henry she was just trying to get information from him. Kingston and Ozzy help him get over it and they become friends again.

Henry auditions for the trio with Kingston and Finn and they get it.

Henry competes in the contemporary vs hip-hop dance battle in the hip-hop group.


Henry is very helpful and caring, but can make stupid decisions when he gets his hopes up.

Physical Appearance


Henry has dark skin, brown eyes and black hair that is in dreadlocks, and had one single blonde dreadlock.


Henry wears black trousers and a t-shirt with a long sleeved top underneath.



  • ’’’Hip-hop’’’: Henry’s dominant style is hip-hop.