Here We Go is the 9th episode in Season 6. It is the beginning of regionals and Kingston is having second thoughts.


A-Troupe enter the building for regionals and are really excited. In talking heads, Noah says that Kingston's solo is first, and his solo is in case of a tie-breaking situation.

Intro is: Noah-Jacquie, Amy-Summer, Kenzie-Finn, Henry-Richelle, Piper-Kingston, Ozzy-Davis

Kingston is warming up in the wings and talking to some of his teammates as Lily watches from a distance.

Henry and Ozzy wish good luck to Kingston before he gets changed into his costume.

Chuck Anderson and his guest commentate on their excitement for the competition. As Kingston is about to enter the stage to begin his solo, he says he has suddenly became very nervous. His breathing becomes very heavy and shaky. Lily has a worried look on her face and rushes onto stage as Kingston runs away. Lily performes a solo and wins the round for The Next Step. They try to thank her but she rushes away.

After the first round has ended, Thalia and Giselle sit in the café. Thalia says that she has got this amazing opportunity on tour and needs someone to fill the spot as studio head, and asks her if she wants it. Giselle is overjoyed by this opportunity but needs some time to think about it.