Ty and Amy grow closer together, and this opens Henry's eyes. Richelle lets the drama affect her dancing.


In Studio A, Johnny has gathered A-Troupe. He says that everyone will be paired up to rehearse a duet and perform it at the end of the day. The duets will be: Lily and Kingston, Kenzie and Piper, Heath and Finn, Richelle and Ozzy, Ty and Davis. In talking heads, Richelle says this will be the most awkward rehearsal ever. Kenzie and Piper look at each other in disgust

Intro is: Kenzie-Piper, Ty-Finn, Lily-Heath, Ozzy-Kingston, Davis-Richelle.

In studio 1, the secret troupe are rehearsing their group dance, in talking heads Riley says the dance is really coming together now.

In studio A, Ozzy and Richelle are rehearsing their duet in silence. Richlle asks Ozzy why he broke up with her, he replies saying that they were drifting apart. They start to argue. Johnny walks in and asks to see the dance. They perform it very poorly and Johnny criticizes Ozzy. He storms out, Johnny says to Richelle that she was amazing, it was her partners fault, he then asks her if she wants to go out with him, she says yes. In talking heads, Richelle says that she is very confused and doesn't know what to do.

In Shakes and Ladders, Amy is talking to Henry when Ty walks in. He goes up to Amy and asks for her advice. He says he has been struggling with school and been very stressed and it is affecting his dancing. Amy gives advice and Henry walks out without them noticing. In talking heads, he says that he doesn't know why he feels jealous that Amy and Ty are hanging out so much. Davis walking in and tells Ty that he missed there rehearsal time. In talking heads, she says that her chance is blown to win the duet.

The rest of A-Troupe perform their duets, Heath and Finn's is based on pure hip-hop, Kenzie and Piper's based on their rivalry and Kingston and Lily's is based on fame. when Davis and Ty are called out to do their duet, they say they have nothing and Johnny says they are the weakest on the team. Ty storms out. In the hall, James is about to enter studio A and in talking heads he says he came to visit the studio. He sees Ty. He sits down with him and asks what's wrong. Ty explains what he is going through and James says he went though the exact same thing and suggests he takes a break.

Ty and Amy meet in studio 1 and he tells her what happened, Amy says that she will always be here for him. They perform a duet and at the end hold hands and Ty leaves.

A-Troupe are gathered and Giselle explains that Ty has left. In talking heads, Kenzie says he was one of the best on the team. As A-Troupe pack up to leave, Richelle says in talking heads that because of all the drama, she is unsure if she can stay at the studio.