I Turn To You is the 8th episode in Season 6. A new member joins B-Troupe, Noah gets over Jacquie quickly. Winnie finds that Amy has a secret, and Richelle gets her status back on A-Troupe, but at another teammate's cost.


In Studio 1, B-Troupe are rehearsing there new routine and in talking heads, Davis says she is glad there finally getting more challenging routines. As they are getting nearer towards the end of the routine, a boy cheerfully walks in and interrupts there routine, asking how they are. Everyone looks at each other confused, but William walks out the office and explains the boy is called Heathcliff, and will be joining B-Troupe.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie

William says to B-Troupe that he has chosen 3 dancers to stay back and teach Heathcliff the routine. He says he has chosen Davis, Nathaniel and Ty. They all rush up to William and ask to be switched with someone else, but he says he chose them for a reason: they all have patience. Before he exits, he says to them they'll need it. They all rush up to the other members pleading them to take there spot, but they all refuse.

In Studio A, A- Troupe are warming up and Thalia asks where Amy is. Just as she says that, Amy runs in and comes to warm up, and doesn't say anything. After a while of rehearsing, A- Troupe head out to take a break, Noah and Summer stay to go through there duet, but see that Jacquie is staying so they head out. Richelle asks what Jacquie is doing and she replies that she is practicing her solo. In talking heads, Richelle says this is a good way to build her status back on A- Troupe.

As A- Troupe head to Shakes & Ladders, Amy turns another direction, and Winnie suspiciously follows. She sees that Amy goes to the drama studio and starts to rehearse with other people. She notices that one of the people there is her brother, Mark. Winnie interrupts and asks what she's doing, Amy is stood in shock.

Davis, Nathaniel and Ty are trying to teach Heathcliff the routine, but he is getting it completely wrong. After a while, Davis says in talking heads she is really starting to lose her patience with this kid. Jacquie enters and she goes over to Davis to say hi to her sister. She asks what she's doing, and Davis explains she trying to tech Heathcliff the B- Troupe routine. Jacquie is firm with Heathcliff and demands him to buckle down for her sister so she can teach him the routine. Jacquie explains to Davis that she has to go to Studio A, as Thalia and Emily want to see her.

As Jacquie enters Studio A, she sees Richelle in the middle of the floor, and starts to perform her solo. Jacquie is left in shock, as in talking heads she says she is shocked Richelle did that, obviously the injury didn't change her at all. Emily explains that Richelle has now got her solo.

Noah and Summer are rehearsing there duet in Studio A, and at the end Noah kisses Summer.

In Shakes and Ladders, Winnie is sat with Amy, discussing how to schedule dance and drama in secret. Winnie explains that she used to act with her brother, but after she started to take dance seriously, she had to put it aside.

In Studio 1, William enters and asks Heathcliff to perform the routine. He performs the routine terribly and William blames Davis, Nathaniel and Ty. Davis says in talking heads if it was Heathcliff's plan to make her hate him, it's worked.

Cultural References

The episode name is based of the song " I Turn To You" by Melanie C.