It's Our Time is the 21st episode in Season 6. Lily conducts a plan to help The Next Step beat Gemini Dance Studio in the finals.


In the café, Lily and Angela are discussing what happened with The Next Step. Lily declares she is leaving her mother's acro troupe to help The Next Step. Angela says she is making a big mistake.

Intro is: Noah-Jacquie, Amy-Summer, Kenzie-Finn, Henry-Richelle, Piper-Kingston, Ozzy-Davis

A-Troupe are practicing their finals routine when Lily enters. She says they have no chance of winning with that routine. She teaches them her finals routine since they did not make it past the first round.

A-Troupe are practicing the new routine as Angela passes. She says good luck sarcastically and walks away with the rest of her acro team. Piper says that Lily is welcome to dance with them in the finals and join TNS next year as Jacquie is leaving.

At the entrance of the building, Piper, Amy and Davis are saying goodbye to Jacquie. She looks over at Noah before she leaves with a tear running down her cheek.

In the car, Jacquie's dad says that they are going to make it to the airport 2 hours early. Jacquie says in talking heads that this means she can dance in the finals. She asks her dad to turn back and they drive back as quickly as possible.

A-Troupe are waiting in the entrance room to go into the wings. Jacquie rushes through the doors but by the time she gets there, they are leaving to go into the wings. She watches them leave in devastation. In talking heads, Noah says he is so excited to get onto the stage.