It Takes A Team is the 4th episode in Season 7. With the secret troupe underway, Riley and Amanda need to put their past behind them for the good of the team.


In Studio 1, Riley and Amanda are leading the secret troupe's rehearsal, but are bickering over everything. Cierra walks up to them at the end of rehearsal and says they need to resolve this argument. In talking heads, Amanda says that it should be Riley trying to resolve this, not her.

Intro is: Kenzie-Piper, Ty-Finn, Lily-Heathcliff, Kingston-Ozzy, Davis-Richelle

In Studio A, Summer is dancing a solo and in talking heads she says that she misses dancing in Studio A, so she came in after A-Troupe finished rehearsal. She says that the secret troupe doesn't feel like home and doesn't know if she can stay a TNS. Davis enters and hugs Summer. She asks how B-Troupe is, unbeknownst of the secret troupe. Summer says that she doesn't know if she can stay at TNS, Davis says she knows how that feels.

In Shakes and Ladders, Johnny is sitting with Richelle being very friendly, making her laugh. In talking heads, Richelle says that Johnny is just very passionate about dance and not trying to be mean, despite what everyone else thinks. Ozzy enters and in talking heads says that they've been spending a lot of time together.

In Studio 1, Noah and Cierra are in the studio and Cierra says to Noah that they should do a duet, since he has been working on his solo so much, it would be nice to have a fun break. The scene cuts to the studio 1 office, where Amanda and Riley are sitting. Amanda starts the conversation by saying that she saw they didn't win regionals that time she was kicked off the troupe. Riley says that the Geminis were a very strong troupe and would have beat them wether she was on the troupe or not. Riley says that she might have been a bit harsh, but was trying to do what was best for the team. After a few minutes of talking everything is resolved and they are ready to work together.

In the hall, Richelle is on her phone and Ozzy asks if she wants to go on a date with him tonight. Richelle says she needs to meet Johnny tonight. Ozzy walks away annoyed.

Noah and a Cierra perform their duet and at the end, they kiss. In talking heads, Noah says that they were meant for each other ever since they met when going to internationals, but just never realised it.

In Studio A, Richelle is packing her bag ready to go home when Ozzy enters. He says to her that their not spending enough time together and their relationship is falling apart. Richelle tries to talk but Ozzy says they need to break up, then he walks away. In talking heads, Richelle says she has just lost everything .