"Jacquie can be quite overdramatic sometimes".

Noah describing Jacquie's overdramatic nature

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Jacquie is an acro and contemporary dancer on A-Troupe.


Season 6

Jacquie makes it back onto the team after Angela re-auditions A-Troupe.

Jacquie is initially wary of Noah and Summer as they spend a lot of time practicing their duet. Noah and Summer practice more and more, and Jacquie and Noah spend less and less time together. Jacquie's patience runs out and she gets to her breaking point: she breaks up with Noah. She is horrified to find out Noah and Summer instantly start dating after there brake-up, which leaves her to wonder if they had feelings for each other all along.

When Richelle makes it back onto the team, Jacquie gets the regionals solo and shows it to her. Unexpectedly, Richelle steels her solo, leaving her with nothing. When Richelle tries to make it up to Jacquie, she refuses to accept her apologies every time. She forgives Richelle when she tries to get Jacquie her solo back, but ultimately neither of them get it in the end, but Jacquie is happy that Richelle tried.

Jacquie sticks up for Davis when Heathcliff is giving her a hard time.

When locked in the locker room with Noah, they start to talk again and after he breaks up with Summer, they get back together.

Jacquie agrees to compete in the contemporary vs hip-hop dance battle on the hip-hop side but doesn’t compete in the final battle due to finding out she has to move to another city in a week.


Jacquie is overall very determined and confident, but at times very humble and shy when something bad is happening.

Physical Appearance


Jacquie has light skin, hazel eyes and long, dark hair.


Jacquie wears a blue tank top when dancing and black leggings. Her street wear is dark blue jeans and floral jackets.



  • Acro: Acro is one of Jacquie's main styles of dance, which she is proficient in.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is one of Jacquie's main styles of dance.
  • Hip-hop: Jacquie is proficient at hip-hop.