Keep Holding On is the 16th episode in Season 6. Davis finds out something that could ruin her and Jacquie's future at the studio. A debate ensues between A-Troupe.


Heathcliff is sat in Shakes & Ladders very sad. In talking heads he says he can't go back to the studio, the bullying got too bad. Davis enters and approaches him. She apologises for what she did to him, it took a while, but Heathcliff forgives her.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Summer- Amy, Kenzie- Finn, Henry- Richelle, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Davis

In Studio A, Noah, Amy, Richelle, Kenzie and Summer are practicing a contemporary dance while Jacquie, Finn, Henry, Kingston and Ozzy are practicing a hip-hop dance. Jacquie says that this hip-hop dance will blow the contemporary one out the water. Noah overhears this and challanges her group to his group for a battle. They accept.

Davis is in Shakes and Ladders when she gets a text. It is from her dad and it says that next week they have to move to another city for his job. In talking heads she says this means she can't compete in the regionals finals.

Piper enters and sees that Davis is really sad. She asks what's wrong, Davis explains to her what happened and Piper is in shock. Suddenly, she has an idea. She says that since James is now in university, there's a spare room, and Davis could have it. Davis happily accepts the offer.

Back in Studio A, the two groups are practicing when Jacquie gets a text. In talking heads, she says she got a text from her dad asking if Davis told her about moving away. Jacquie is furious that Davis didn't tell her.

Jacquie storms into Shakes and Ladders and overhears Piper and Davis talking about her moving in. Jacquie shouts at Davis asking why she didn't tell her about them moving away. Davis says that they've been planning her moving in to Piper's house. Piper apologises to Jacquie saying there's only room for 1 person, so only Davis can move in.

The two groups begin to battle each other, with the hip-hop group missing Jacquie. As they battle goes on, they start to merge as one group, and dance a contemporary-hip-hop mashup. In talking heads, Amy says this has made A-Troupe stronger.

When Jacquie has calmed down, she approaches Davis, saying that she is happy that Davis is able to stay. She tells her that she will find a way to stay, and they will both go to regionals.

Cultural References

The title of this episode shares a name with a song by Avril Lavigne.