Name Of The Game is the 3rd episode of Season 7. Noah, Henry and Summer are faced with a huge responsibility and new rivalries form between dancers and faculty.


Summer, Noah and Henry are sitting on the couches in Shakes & Ladders, Summer is playing solitaire, Henry is on his phone and Noah is listening to music. In talking heads, Summer says that since they have been kicked of A-Troupe, they have been bored out of their minds, the only reason there here is because Emily and Giselle wanted to meet them here. Nathaniel and Winnie enter and asks them if they wanted to be met here as well. Emily and a Giselle enter and ask them if they are ready for a huge responsibility.

Intro is: Kenzie-Piper, Ty-Finn, Lily-Heathcliff, Kingston-Ozzy, Davis-Richelle

Noah asks them run the plan over them again: they want the five dancers to become part of a secret troupe that will compete in a competition that Miss Kate doesn't approve of, to win 5000 dollars to prevent the studio from becoming bankrupt, and can't tell any of their friends. Emily nods her head. Summers asks why Richelle isn't on this troupe, as they picked the strongest dancers to be on. Giselle says that they have their reasons. In talking heads, Emily says that Richelle can't keep secrets, she would go round rubbing it in everyone's faces.

In Studio A, A-Troupe are warming up. Piper performes a turning sequence and Kenzie criticises it. In talking heads, Kenzie says that ever since Piper and her got into the argument they've had a rivalry on their hands. Heathcliff approaches Kingston, Finn and Ty as they are talking about an inside joke, Kingston explains this to a confused Heath and Ty says harshly that he wouldn't get it. Davis calls Heath over and gives him some advice.

Giselle and Emily are in the office as a tall guy knocks on the door. He says that his name is Johnny and that he is trying out to be the new choreographer. In talking heads, Giselle says that ever since Michelle left, she has had to juggle being studio head and choreographer whilst Emily focuses on the business side, so it would be great to have another member. They all exit the office and into the studio. They explain to the dancers who Johnny is and they say he will be running today's rehearsal whilst they deal with something in studio 1. In talking heads, Finn says that he regognizes Johnny, he graduated his and Richelle's high school last year and is surprised he got such a good job so quickly. He politely introduces himself individually to each dancer and him and Richelle stare into each others eyes for a minute until Ozzy inturrupts. He starts a harsh rehearsal to most of the dancers surprise.

In studio 1, the secret troupe are gathered with Emily and Giselle. Riley enters and Giselle says that this will be their co-studio head, Riley turns to her in confusion and Amanda enters. As soon as they see each other, Amanda turns to leave but Emily puts her hand on her shoulder and leads her back into the studio. She says they need to work together for the good of the team. Giselle explains that they have a guest that will be helping them with the routines and is the person who suggested the competition to them. Cierra enters and her and Noah exchange a smile. They also say they have a new member of the team that will fill the sixth spot. Amy runs in and they all have a group hug. In talking heads, she says she is so happy to be back at the studio.

In studio A, all the dancers are sweating and really tired. Johnny says that he expects better. Just as Emily and Giselle enter he puts a smile on his face and they ask the dancers to perform their dance so far. At the end, Giselle says Johnny is an amazing choreographer and that they would love to employ him. All the dancers look at each other in shock.

Cultural References

The name of the episode shares the same name as a song by Abba.


  • Noah, Summer, Henry, Nathaniel, Winnie and Amy are now a part of a secret troupe.
  • Amy has returned to The Next Step.
  • Johnny has replaced Michelle as choreographer
  • New faculty members of TNS are: Riley, Amanda, Cierra and Johnny.