Never To Be is the 11th episode in Season 6. Ozzy's situation is out in the open, and the last straw is pulled for William. Michelle's stress is found out to be anger towards someone, and Finn finally gives up.


In the office, Michelle, Thalia, Emily and William are discussing the audition choreography for the A-Troupe auditions. Michelle suggests they should do a contemporary routine and Emily agrees, as soon as she does, Michelle says she thinks it should be hip-hop. In talking heads, Michelle says she is still extremely angry at Emily for getting them fired after the qualifier video

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

A-Troupe is gathered in Studio 1, and Thalia announces that there is a party for all the dance studios in the area, and need two dancers to represent The Next Step. She said she has chosen Ozzy and Richelle. Suddenly, William buts in and says he thinks it should be him and Richelle. Thalia turns him down and says she chose them for a reason: they need to perform a duet. She says they can go into Studio A now, and start to choreograph it.

As A-Troupe leaves, Kenzie stays and practices her solo. She flinches as she is trying to practice with an injured ankle. Finn sees her stumble and asks if she's ok. She says shes fine and Finn leaves.

Michelle asks Emily to meet her in the studio 1 office, and as soon as she enters Michelle tells her she's really angry at her for getting them fired. They start to argue.

Ozzy and Richelle are practicing there duet but Ozzy isn't really trying. Richelle asks her what's been going on as he has been like this for a while. Ozzy reveals that William told him to back off from her. Richelle is left in shock and storms into the Studio A office, as that is where William is working. She confronts him with what been going on and William says he did it because he want to be with her. Richelle shouts at him and he leaves. In talking heads, he says he quits his position and is never coming back to The Next Step. Richelle goes up to Ozzy and thanks him for letting her know and kisses him on the cheek, then walks out.

Emily and Michelle have carmed down and state what happened from there point of view. They agree to forgive and forget. They hug.

Kenzie is in Shakes & Ladders, and Finn enters and says he's done everything he can to help her, theres nothing left to do, so he says if she needs someone, don't come to him. He leaves Shakes and Ladders. In talking heads, Kenzie says she might have just made a huge mistake.

Finn walks down the corridor and in talking heads says that was the hardest thing he ever had to do.