New Beginnings is the 18th episode in Season 6. Amy may have blown her chance to become a professional dancer, and Davis, Piper and Nathaniel strengthen their friendship.


A-Troupe are rehearsing in Studio A when Simone enters. Michelle approaches her and explains that this is a closed rehearsal. Simone tells her she is here to speak to Amy. Michelle calls Amy over and leaves them to talk. Simone offers Amy an audition for the acro team she is a part of. Amy accepts the offer and in talking heads says that this is a big opportunity for her since it is such a well-known studio.

Intro is: Noah-Jacquie, Amy-Summer, Kenzie-Finn, Henry-Richelle, Piper-Kingston, Ozzy-Davis

Amy and Piper are walking up the hall of the building that the acro studio is in. Piper gives Amy a pep-talk and Piper looks through the door. she steps back quickly and tells Amy the studio head is Angela. Amy is left in shock but says that nothing can get in her way.

Piper heads back to the studio and Amy enters the room. She is welcomed to come and warm up, she sees Ty and walks over to him. He explains he got an audition aswell.

Piper enters Studio 1 and sees Davis and Nathaniel there. they agree to choreograph a trio.

In talking heads, Amy explains that the audition went really well and that they are doing the final part: solos. TY is right before Amy and she loves his dancing. She daydreams about them doing a duet and snaps out of it when everyone is shouting her name, telling her that it is her turn. She completely messes it up and is really embarrassed.

Davis, Nathaniel and Piper perform their trio to "Work" as Emily and Thalia watch. they applause them and say the regionals party is happening in half an hour.

The regionals party has started and Amy and Ty enter everyone listens to find out if they got it but they both say they didn't. The party goes on and in talking heads, Amy says she is disappointed she didn't get it but is happy she is staying at The Next Step.