Loyal, determined, fair: exactly what a dance captain needs to be.


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Noah is the dance captain of A-Troupe.


Season 6

Noah makes it onto A-Troupe, but is devastated when he loses his role as dance captain to Lily. But he gets his spot back after Lily leaves the studio.

Jacquie breaks up with Noah after he spends a lot of time with Summer practicing there regionals duet. Noah suddenly kisses Summer one rehearsal and start dating.

After Summer tries to get Jacquie and Noah to talk again. It works, but he breaks up with her due to the extremes she went to.

Noah plans a date for Jacquie and start to date again.

He competes in the contemporary vs hip-hop dance battle in the contemporary group.


Noah is very kind and helpful, but can be quite awkward at times. He has became very mature but can be quite dumb sometimes.

Physical Appearance


Noah is tall, has green eyes and brown hair.


Noah wears black pants and a purple T-shirt.



  • Acro: Noah is proficient in acro.
  • Ballet: Noah is proficient in ballet.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is Noah's dominant style of dance.
  • Hip-hop: Noah is able to perform hip-hop, but it is not his strongest style.
  • Jazz: Noah is proficient in jazz.