Open Up is the 15th episode in Season 6. Davis' mean attitude to Heathcliff goes too far. Kenzie tries to make friends and Jacquie learns the duet.


Jacquie and Noah practice their duet in Studio A and Summer walks in. In talking heads, she says she had finally moved on.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Summer- Amy, Kenzie- Finn, Henry- Richelle Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Heathcliff.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe are warming up and Kenzie and Finn enter. Kenzie nervously gets everyone's attention and apologizes for being very secretive. They all forgive her and have a groupe hug.

Davis approaches Heathcliff in the hall and starts to bully him again. She goes on for a long time and Heathcliff's confidence goes down. Davis says that he doesn't deserve a place at the studio let alone A-Troupe. Davis leaves and Heathcliff is left in tears.

Heathcliff goes to Thalia's office and says he needs to talk to her.

Noah and Jacquie perform their duet in front of the team and Thalia exits, she says she needs to tell B-Troupe something.

Thalia gathers B-Troupe and tells them Heathcliff has left the studio due to bullying. She announces Davis will be the new member of A-Troupe. Thalia says Heathcliff didn't tell her who was bullying him, but she wants someone to own up.

The next day, Davis packs her bag in Studio 1 to go to Studio A as B-Troupe are coming in. Just before she leaves, all the B-Troupe members that left before including Nathaniel and Ty come in. They say they are so happy Davis managed to get Heathcliff out the studio. Davis says in talking heads she needs to own up.

Cultural References

The title of the episode is based of the song 'Open Up' by David Sorbara.