Overthrow is the 6th episode in Season 6. Noah try's to convince Richelle to battle Lily. Kenzie pushes herself too far and Henry finally sees the truth.


Richelle is sitting in Shakes & Ladders when Noah enters. He sits down opposite her and offers her a position on A-Troupe. She jumps at the opportunity but is saddend when she finds out she has to battle Lily. She declines the offer and walks out.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Lily, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

Kenzie is in Studio 1 practicing a turning sequence but can't quite get it. Finn enters and asks her what she's doing. In talking heads, she says she wishes Finn would just leave her alone for just one day. She ignores him and continues practicing. He goes to leave but then Kenzie falls to the floor. He asks her if she's ok and she says she's fine. He leaves and in talking heads Kenzie says she felt something snap in her anchle.

Summer, Winnie and Amy are in Studio A and Noah enters. They look hopeful but Noah says she refused. They said they'll have to find someone else.

In Studio 1 Richelle is rehearsing when Lily enters. She says that Richelle is a horrible dancer and doesn't deserve to be at the studio. Richelle gets so angry that she storms up to Studio A to see Noah and the others. She asks if there offer is still open. They look at each other happily.

Kenzie is at the doctors and finds out it will take a month to heal, but if she tells Miss Angela she will be kicked off the team.

Richelle approaches Lily in Shakes and Ladders and challenges her to the battle. She says if she wins she gets Lily's spot on A Troupe, but if Lily wins, Richelle leaves the studio. She agrees. After much debating, they agree that Miss Kate will judge.

In Studio A, A Troupe are standing at the sides as Richelle and Lily stand in the middle. At the end, Richelle wins. Lily and Angela storm out and Henry chases after her. He says he will give up his spot for her, but she says she was only using him to get information out of him. He is left in devastation. Kingston and Ozzy approach him and he tells them they were right all along. They become friends again. They return to Studio A to continue with the celebration.