Revenge is the 5th episode in TNSNathan1 Fanfiction: Season 6. Richelle and Lily's battle commences. Angela pushes the A-Troupe to the brink. Ozzy feels the need to step in and Piper feels like she's struggling.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe are rehearsing their finals routine and Miss Angela is is being really strict. Once she calls a 5 minute break, Noah is told he has lost his position as Dance captain to Lily. He is left in shock.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Lily, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

Richelle meets Lily in Studio A to start the dance battle. They dance to the song 'World Famous' and Lily won. Richelle rushes out in devastation.

Ozzy walks into Shakes & Ladders and sees Richelle sitting on her own upset. He goes over to her and asks her what's wrong. Richelle calmly says to Ozzy she doesn't want to talk to him at the minute. In talking heads, he says he's surprised she didn't scream at him.

Piper is in Studio A practicing the routine and in talking heads says she feels like she's struggling. Amy walks into the studio and asks Piper what she's doing. Piper explaine to Amy that she's struggling with the routine, so Amy offers to help.

Kingston and Henry are arguing in Shakes and Ladders and Ozzy enters. He says he can help them become friends again. Henry storms out saying he's going to see Lily. Ozzy and Kingston look at each other and agree that Henrys being tricked.

In Studio 1, Noah, Summer, Finn, and Winnie are discussing what to do about Angela. Winnie suggest kicking Angela out of the Studio. Finn says the only way to do that is to somehow get Lily kicked out the studio so she will have to leave. Summer comes up with the idea that they will find someone to replace Lily, then that person challenges her to a dance battle, the winner gets the spot on A-Troupe. Then adds that Miss Kate will judge so Angela can't pick favourites. They agree that Richelle should be the one to challenge Lily to the battle.

Amy and Piper are rehearsing the routine and have got it now. Summer, Noah, Finn and Winnie enter and ask them to help bring down Miss Angela. They both look at each other with smirks on there faces and agree.