"I need to look out for number 1, which is me".

— Richelle saying she needs to look out for herself

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Richelle is an acro dancer on A-Troupe.


Season 6

Richelle finds out that A-Troupe has been re-auditioned and her spot has been filled. She is very upset when she hears this.

When her hip is healed, she returns to the studio as a member of B-Troupe and her new rival Lily challenges her to a battle and Richelle looses. But she challenges Lily again a while after, and whoever wins, gets on A-Troupe. Richelle wins and replaces Lily on A-Troupe.

Feeling she needs to prove herself, Richelle finds a way to build her reputation up on the team. She steels Jacquie's solo and after, feels terrible. She tries multiple times to apologise to Jacquie, and finally succeeds when the solo is given to Kenzie.

Richelle finds out that William asked Ozzy to back off from her, and out of anger, she convinces William to leave the studio.

Ozzy and Richelle start to get close and even perform a duet at a party for local studios.

Richelle asks Ozzy on a date but William turns up before Ozzy gets there, and when he gets there, sees them together and storms out.

Richelle competes in the contemporary vs hip-hop dance battle in the contemporary group.


Richelle is still very determined, but is more kinder and appreciative of the people around her.

Physical Appearance


Richelle is quite small, she has green eyes and blond, flowy hair.


Richelle' wardrobe mainly consists of tights, and tank tops.



Acro: Richelle's main style is acro.