Run It's Course is the 13th episode in Season 6. It is the mid-season premiere and the 1st episode of season 6.5. Summer's plan backfires as she trys to get Noah and Jacquie to talk again. Davis is angered when she finds changes have been made to the studio, and Ozzy doesn't know where he stands with Richelle.


A-Troupe perform a group dance to "Dancing" and in talking heads members talk about their experience in A-Troupe so far this year. Piper says it was a big shock when Angela and Lily came and stirred things up. Summer says that she wants Noah and Jacquie to talk again, and she needs a plan. Heathcliff says that he is new to A-Troupe, and is still getting used to the way things work.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Amy- Summer, Kenzie- Finn, Henry- Richelle, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Heathcliff.

Davis enters Studio 1 for B-Troupe rehearsals, but only Briana, Jordan and another dancer are there. She wonders where everyone is, then most B-Troupers come walking out from the locker room. She goes up to Danielle and Tyler and they explain that if there letting dancers like Heathcliff onto A-Troupe, there's no point of them being here. As they leave, Nathaniel and Ty come out and Davis pleads them not to go, but they leave anyway. Davis says she's got to do something about this.

Thalia is in her office and Giselle enters. they happily hug each other and she says she's came to spend a day at the studio. In the studio, Henry confidently performs some acro moves, but Summer does a round off-back layout. Henry challenges her to a dance battle at the end of the day and she accepts it. In talking heads, Summer says she is excited for the battle, but needs to get Noah and Jacquie talking again. She goes up to Noah and asks him to meat her in the locker room in 15 minutes.

In Shakes & Ladders, Ozzy approaches Richelle and asks her what is going on. He tells her he wants to know if there in a relationship or not, since she kissed him on she cheek. Richelle says that they should go on a date here tonight, he happily accepts. On the other side of the room, Jacquie is sat doing homework, when Summer approaches her. She asks her to meet her in the locker room in 15 minutes.

Jacquie enters the locker room, only to see Noah there she goes to leave but before she can Summer locks the door.

Summer enters Studio A to practice her battle solo. Giselle enters and helps Summer with the routine. As she goes to do a flip the key to the locker room falls out, she quickly picks it up before Giselle asks questions. She continues to practice, and after an hour she goes to unlock the door. She reaches inside her pocket, but they key isn't there. she panics and goes to find it.

In the locker room, Jacquie and Noah start to talk and become friends again.

After a while of looking, Summer approaches Thalia and Giselle and confesses what she's done. Thalia is extremely angry with her and Giselle pulls they key out her pocket, she explains she dropped it again and was trying to find her to give it back to her. They go to release Noah and Jacquie.

Richelle waits in Shakes and Ladders when William comes and sits down beside her. She asks him to go away but ignores her and asks her to go out with him, Ozzy enters and is in shock. Richelle rushes after him to find him but can't. She gives an angry look at William.

Davis approaches Heathcliff and tells him that he shouldn't have auditioned for A-Troupe and that he has made a very dangerous enemy.

In Studio A, Summer asks Noah if he's okay, but he asks him why she did it. He says he could possibly loose his positions in dances because he missed the whole rehearsal. He says that he is breaking up with her. Noah leaves as Henry enters to battle withy Summer, but she says she doesn't want to and explaines to him what has just happened. In talking heads, Henry says he's shocked Noah would do that and needs to talk to him about it. Henry exits the studio and tells Summer he will sort this out.