Run The World is the 10th episode in Season 6. Winnie has a bad send off. Thalia reviews all the routines, and Richelle realises she has made a huge mistake.


Richelle practices her solo in Studio 1, and in talking heads, says that she needs to find a way to make it up to Jacquie, quickly.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Amy- Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

A-Troupe warm up in Studio A, including Winnie who is yet to tell Thalia she is leaving. Heather rushes into the office where Michelle sits. She asks when the auditions are to fill Winnies spot. Michelle is in shock as she rushes out the office and angril calls Winnie in. She enters nervously and Michelle asks her when she was going to tell her she was leaving. Winnie stutters and Michelle asks her to get out. She runs out in tears.

In The locker room, Jacquie is packing her bag when Richelle enters. She asks her what she can do to make it up to her. Jacquie says there's nothing she can do and walks out.

The next day, Thalia says it's time to review the routines so far. It starts with Summer and Noah's duet, then Kingston's solo. Amy, Piper, Jacquie and Richelle's small group is next, them it is time for Richelle's solo. As they clear the floor Richelle pushes Jacquie to the middle of the floor and tells her it's her solo. Thalia asks what's going on and calls Richelle and Jacquie into the office. She says that since non of them can act matureley, non of them will get the solo. She then re-enters Studio A and announces that Kenzie has the solo. She is half happy but in talking heads says she's is scared it will damage her ankle even more. Richelle apologises to Jacquie that she's lost her solo, but Jacquie thanks Richelle for trying and knows she is a true friend. They hug.

Winnie is sat distraught in Shakes & Ladders, when Michelle enters. She apologises to Winnie and says she's just been really annoyed lately. Winnie forgives her and leaves.

Winnie goes to Studio A and performes a solo to "Home" and leaves the studio.