So Close is the 17th episode in Season 6. A performance is held in Studio A which will determine TNS's future in Absolute Dance Regionals and Amy gets an opportunity of a lifetime.


A-Troupe are rehearsing a new routine. In talking heads Amy explains that they are making a routine to perform for the Absolute Dance judges. She says every year the dance teams competing perform a routine in their own studio in front of the other teams and the judges, so get themselves into their good books.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Amy- Summer, Kenzie- Finn, Henry- Richelle, Ozzy- Davis.

All of the teams gather round the sides of Studio A, and the judges stand at the front. A-Troupe perform their routine and while their dancing, in talking heads, Emily explains that they put the best dancers (Amy, Richelle and Noah) at the front to give them the edge.

After, A-Troupe each perform a mini solo in front of the judges, and a girl called Simone watches from a distance, in talking heads, she says that the girl at the front (Amy) is an amazing dancer, and could use her on their team.

Richelle goes to see Ozzy but he ignores her. Jacquie approaches Davis and tells her that their is no way she can stay. She will have to leave just before the finals.