Standing On The Edge is the 12th episode of Season 6. It is the mid-season finale and the final episode of season 6.0. Kenzie's secret has huge consequences, Michelle gets a huge offer. B-Troupe fight for one spot on A-Troupe.


Thalia announces to the team in Studio 1 that Ozzy and Richelle represented us well at the part and won the duet competition. She says that she isn't impressed with Amy, Piper, Jacquie and Richelle's small group, and it will be replaced with a trio. She asks them to get into groups of three, and create a routine and perform it at the end of the day.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Amy-Summer, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

Amy, Piper and Jacquie get into a group, as well as Summer, Noah and Richelle. Finn and Henry decide to group up, and Kenzie approaches them. In talking heads she says that she realizes blocking people out means she won't have any friends, so she needs to start by fixing things with Finn. She asks him if she can join his trio, but he just looks at her and ignores her, then asks Kingston to join his trio. Kenzie is left with no one in a trio with her. Thalia suggests that Kenzie goes to Studio 1 to practice her solo, so she rushes out.

Thalia calls Michelle into her office, and says that since William has left, she is promoting her to Head choreographer. Michelle is overjoyed and accepts the offer.

Kenzie angrily performes her solo in Studio 1, and falls on her ankle and hears a load crack. She sits there in agony.

In Shakes & Ladders, Davis, Nathaniel, and Ty are discussing there solos. Davis says to them that she wonders who else is auditioning, as she says that, Heathcliff enters and says he is. As he leaves, Davis says in talking heads that it's on.

Emily enters Studio 1, and sees Kenzie on the floor. She rings an ambulance, and as they come, they take her to hospital.

Emily enters Studio A, and breaks the news to Thalia and Michelle. They announce it to A-Troupe and everyone is devastated. Michelle says she's going to Studio 1 to start the auditions. As she enters, a lot of people are warming up, she says she is so happy with the outcome. It starts with choreography, then solos after Michelle returns from the office, she says the person who has made A-Troupe is Heathcliff. Everyone else is left in anger, especially Davis and Heather. Davis storms out and in talking heads, says this isn't the end, Heathcliff has just made a very dangerous enemy.

A- Troupe perform their trios and and Thalia says that the winning trio is Henry, Finn and Kingston. Everyone is very happy for them but Finn says he feels guilty for ignoring Kenzie, then her damaging her ankle even more might not have happened.

After A- Troupe has left, Thalia performes a solo to to 'Jesty' and as she performes he solo, short scenes are shown of Kenzie sitting in hospital, and Davis sat in Shakes and Ladders crying. At the end if the dance, Thalia says in talking heads that she doesnt know if The Next Step can come back from this.