Summer is an acro dancer on A-Troupe, she is also the former girlfriend of Noah.


Before The Show

Summer attended an unknown dance studio and heard about The Next Step Dance Studio. She decided to audition.

Season 6

Summer auditions for A-Troupe after Angela takes over and makes the team.

Summer and Noah are chosen for the regionals duet. This causes Jacquie to break up with Noah, but doesn't interfere.

She helps Piper, Amy, other members of A-Troupe and B-Troupe to protest for giving B-Troupe more attention.

One time, when practicing the duet, Noah kisses her and they start to date.

Summer wants Jacquie and Noah to talk again, so she locks them in the locker room. But it ends up backfiring on her as Noah angrily breaks up with her. In the same episode, Henry challenges her to a dance battle but it is cancelled when Noah breaks up with her.

Summer is kicked off the duet when Noah teaches Jacquie the it. She also walks in on their date and finally accepts her and Noah are over.

Summer competes in the contemporary vs hip-hop dance battle on the contemporary side.


Summer is very eager and happy. This is shown when she happily agrees to protest for B-Troupe. She is also very accepting, as she accepts that her and Noah are over when she sees him and Jacquie on a date.

Physical Appearance


Summer has long, wavy brown hair and tanned skin. She has blue eyes and is fairly tall.


Summer's wardrobe mainly consists of shorts and flowing tank tops.



  • Acro- Summer's main style is acro.
  • Contemporary- Summer is proficient at contemporary.