Time To Shine is the 6th episode in Season 7. Richelle finds a solution to her problems on A-Troupe and Kingston feels the pressure of being dance captain.


In Shakes & Ladders, Richelle is sitting at the bench and in talking heads, says that she took a 2 day break from A-Troupe to sort out her problems. She says that she is noticing that Noah, Winnie and Nathaniel have been hanging out a lot recently and last year never talked to each other. When they leave, she follows them to studio 1 and watches them and the secret troupe perform a group dance. She stops them half way through and asks them what's going on. In talking heads she says smugly "busted".

Intro is: Kenzie-Piper, Ty-Finn, Lily-Heath, Ozzy-Kingston, Davis-Richelle.

In the studio 1 office, Amanda and Riley are begging Richelle not to tell anyone. She says she won't on one condition: they let her join. In talking heads, she says it will be an escape from A-Troupe for a few months.

In Studio A, Johnny has gathered Kingston, Davis, Piper, Finn and Heathcliff. In talking heads, Johnny says that he has gathered them to train Kingston as dance captain. He pulls Davis, Piper, Finn and Heathcliff aside and asks them to make it hard for Kingston; to make this session a living hell.

In Studio 1, the secret troupe are teaching Richelle the finals routine. In talking heads, Riley says that they didn't ask Richelle to join at first because they knew she wouldn't be able to keep this a secret. Amanda says they need to do something about this.

In Studio A, Johnny is training Kingston and Kingston is getting really stressed. The other members of A-Troupe are taking Johnny's commands and making it hard for Kingston. After a while, the rest of A-Troupe come in for rehearsal. Kingston yells at Johnny and says he can't take it anymore, he storms out as A-Troupe enter. Giselle asks where Richelle is after half an hour of rehearsal. She rushes in and awkwardly joins rehearsal.

After rehearsal, Davis, Finn, Heath and Piper join Kingston in Shakes and Ladders and explain to him what Johnny told them to do. They encourage him to keep working hard.

Giselle and Emily call Richelle into the office where Amanda and Riley are. They tell her they know what's happened and say she needs to make a decision.

Johnny enters Shakes and Ladders and Kingston approaches him. He says to Johnny that he is ready for anything that he throws at him and it won't bring him down, he then storms out.

In Studio A, Richelle performs a solo and says she has made a hard decision. After half of the solo, she goes into a front aerial as the camera zoomes into her then zoomes out as she finishes the aerial and she is in Studio 1. In talking heads, she says she has made the decision to join the secret troupe and leave A-Troupe. It will give her a break from A-Troupe. In talking heads, Amanda says they have made her an alternate but won't tell her until right before the finals so if she tells Miss Kate about the troupe, they would have already performed and hopefully won. Richelle finshes and says this is right for her.