Wannabe is the 2nd episode in Season 6. Auditiones for A-Troupe start. One new auditionee makes a huge mistake.


The woman explaines that her name is Angela and the young girl is her daughter, Lily. She says she is the new studio head. Angela criticises each member of A-Troupe in some way, leaving them in anger.

In Shakes & Ladders, Winnie sits biting her nails. In talking heads, she explains she is auditioning for A-Troupe in an hour and is really nervous. A girl called Davis and a boy called Ty sit next to her and tell her there auditioning as well. Ty leaves to go and warm up and another boy called Nathaniel comes and sits next to them. They chat for a while then Nathaniel leaves to warm up. Later on Davis and Winnie head to Studio A.

In studio A, a lot of people are warming up and one girl called Summer enters. Heather runs in from her shift and starts to warm up, and in talking heads says that she has been really busy lately and hasn't been prepared, so she doesn't know if she will make it back onto A- Troupe. Davis and Winnie are looking around but can't see Nathaniel, the scene cuts to Studio 1 where Nathaniel looks around and wonders where everyone is. Jacquie runs up to Lily and asks why she's not warming up. She explained that she's not auditioning, and smugly declares she already has a spot on the team. Jacquie walks away in disgust. Everyone auditiones and does a great job. Nathaniel, still in studio 1, figures he has missed the auditiones. Miss Angela returns from the office with Lily and reveales A-Troupe. A-Troupe is: Lily, Amy, Piper, Noah, Henry, Jacquie, Ozzy, Summer, Kingston, Finn, Kenzie and Winnie. Heather is left in shock, in talking heads she says she doesn't know what she's going to do now.

Davis is sat in studio 1 curled up as Winnie enters. Davis is devastated she didn't make A-Troupe. Winnie encourages her to keep working hard and Davis cheers up. They hug.

Piper, Henry and Ozzy visit Richelle in hospital and tell her the new A-Troupe. As they leave, Richelle says in talking heads she is so upset her spot on A-Troupe has been filled.

cultural references

The episode title is inspired by the song name 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls.