When You're Gone is the 9th episode in Season 6. Ozzy struggles to get over Richelle, Piper can't stop thinking about Josh. Winnie and Amy get a huge opportunity, and Richelle tries to make it up to Jacquie.


Richelle is sitting in Shakes & Ladders, when Ozzy enters. She says hi to him but he just completely ignores her. In talking heads, he says he has to try and get over Richelle, and is finding it really hard. Jacquie enters and goes up to Richelle and asks her what she's thinking about, then says probably the solo she took from her.

Intro is: Noah- Jacquie, Henry- Richelle, Kenzie- Finn, Summer- Amy, Piper- Kingston, Ozzy- Winnie.

In Studio 1, Piper is practicing a turning sequence when Kenzie enters. Piper asks her to help her, but in talking heads Kenzie remembers when she fell on her ankle doing the same sequence, and says it's still not feeling better. She rushes out without saying anything.

Richelle sits in The locker room and says it's weird not to hear Ozzy yapping in her ear all the time, and it gives her time to think. And she realises she needs to make it up to Jacquie for stealing her solo.

Winnie and Amy are talking next to the cubbies in Studio A, when Mark rushes in and tells them good news. He says that he has got them all an audition at the theatre for a show in a couple of weeks. Winnie and Amy are excited but realize they'll have to choose between dance and acting.

Piper is still in Studio 1, and says that Josh leaving without telling anyone is distracting her. Kingston enters and asks Piper what she's doing. Piper explaines that she is distracted because she thinks Josh left the studio because of her. Kingston says that Josh told him he left because his brother made it back onto the hockey team he got kicked off of and they had to move away. Piper says she feels fine now and can finally concentrate on her dancing.

In the locker room, Jacquie is packing up her things when Richelle enters. She says she is really sorry or taking her solo and will do anything to make it up to her. Jacquie says that there is nothing she can do and walks out sadly. In talking heads, Jacquie says she has lost Noah, and her solo.

Winnie and Amy sit in in Shakes and Ladders when Mark enters. He gives them both an evelope from the casting company and Winnie says it was suprising how quick they made the descisions. They all open there's with smiles of excitement to find out if they got in. Mark's smile turns to a frown and so does Amy's. But Winnie's gets even bigger as she exclaims that she got the part. Winnie says she will have to leave A- Troupe, but is excited for her role in the play. Heather overhears from the counter, and in talking heads says it is a way for her to get back on A- Troupe.

Cultural References

The name of the episode is based of a song called "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne.