"Such a beautiful dancer".

Angela commenting on Winnie's dancing

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Winnie is an actor and contemporary dancer, formerly on A-Troupe.


Season 6

Before the auditions, Winnie is extremely nervous. Davis, Nathaniel and Adrien boost her confidence so she auditions beautifully and makes the team.

Winnie is suspicious of Amy when she comes to rehearsals late and leaves early. One time, she follows her and is led to the acting studio. Winnie finds out Amy is also attending the acting academy which is in the same building. So over time, she helps Amy schedule her time in secret. Amy finds out Winnie used to act with her brother Mark, but had to give it up when she started to take dance seriously.

Mark gets himself, Amy and Winnie an audition for the local theatre. Winnie gets the spot and decides to take it. She leaves The Next Step Dance Studio. Winnie's wardrobe consists of shorts and body suits. Her main colours are red and orange.

Physical Appearance


Winnie has light skin, brown hair and blue eyes.


Winnie's wardrobe consists of reds and oranges. For dancing, she wears black shorts and body suits.



Contemporary: Winnie's dominant style is contemporary.


Acting: Winnie is proficient in acting.