The Next Step uniforms were created in Season 2 by Zoltan and Minnow after Kate asked them to come in and create designer uniforms for A-Troupe


In "My Boyfriend's Back", Zoltan and Minnow are called in to create the uniforms. They have designs already laid out in Studio A, but most of the designs were very unusual, one even being made out of chicken wire and feathers.

The last design, even though Zoltan disapproved of it, was the dark blue/purple tracksuit-type clothes. Everyone seemed to love the suit, but the designers informed Kate that the uniforms were 72,000 dollars, and Kate told the dancers that couldn't afford it.

In "Work It", Zoltan's models are stuck on a plane, and are unable to model his clotes. Michelle makes the suggestion that the dancers could model for them, if they do the uniforms for free. The designers agree, and the modelling show is a huge success.

Uniform style

After Zoltan and Minnow made the uniforms for A-Troupe, in "Just Dance", during Michelle's flash mob, J-Troupe and B-Troupe are wearing similar uniforms, albeit J-Troupe's are red, and B-Troupe's are light blue. Baby Ballet also has the uniform, exactly the same, but pink in colour.