My personal drama could cost us everything.


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"Taking Care of Business" is the 35th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 129th episode. It aired on April 7, 2017.


"James and Riley return to the studio, only to discover that a team member has left. West and Eldon help the small group with their choreography."[1]


Riley and James walk onto the now empty Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza stage hand-in-hand. Riley confesses that the day before, she had no idea she would be in England, but that her heart led her there, and James confesses that her being there is perfect. The two proceed to slow-dance, Riley in disbelief that she ever doubted her love for James. Riley tells James that there is so much she wants to say to him, but he tells her to stop, as her being there is enough. Riley concurs, but still tells James that she loves him, which he resounds. The two share a kiss.

Tcob riley james michelle

Michelle leads Riley and James into Studio A.

Amanda is leading A-Troupe in conditioning exercises, which Michelle observes from Riley's office. Michelle receives a text from Riley just as she and James enter the studio. Michelle excitedly greets them and brings them into Studio A. Despite the dancers' positive response to Riley's return with James, Riley notices that Alfie isn't there. Per Michelle, Alfie has not been at the studio for a few days, and she assumed him sick. Riley decides she will take care of that in a bit and calls Piper into her office, believing she owes her an apology. In her office, Riley apologizes to Piper profusely, but Piper interrupts to assure her that she forgives her as James is happiest with her, and that they will always be like sisters. The two end their conversation with a hug.

Sloane, Noah, Henry, and Skylar loiter in the Rehearsal Room where they are supposed to be rehearsing their small group routine, but are unable to without Alfie. Riley enters the room, and presents West and Eldon to help them with their routine. The two dramatically enter the room with their Bangers & Mashups trophy. When Henry attempts to touch the trophy, Eldon exclaims and West clutches his chest, claiming he almost got a heart attack. The two ask the dancers to back up from the trophy. Riley realizes that their victory has gone straight to their heads. Riley snatches the trophy away from the boys and leaves the room. The dancers proceed to perform their routine. While West and Eldon believe the dancers to be in sync, they admit that they aren't exactly gelling. When the dancers finish their routine, West and Eldon tell them as much. West and Eldon tell the dancers that they will discuss what they think needs to be added. Meanwhile, Riley calls Alfie. As the phone rings, Alfie dances on a stage. Alfie's butler brings him the phone and Alfie answers. Riley apologizes to Alfie and asks him when he is returning to the studio. Alfie reveals that he has moved back to Switzerland and will not be returning. He signs off, leaving Riley guilty and fearing that her personal drama could cost the team everything.

Tcob eldon noah west henry skylar sloane

West proclaims that they will read each others' minds.

Eldon and West tell the dancers to sit in a circle, hold hands, and attempt to read each others' minds. All of the dancers except Henry doubt one's capability to read minds until West correctly guesses that Eldon is hungry for a tuna sandwich and curly fries. West proceeds to correctly assert what the dancers are thinking about; Noah is thinking about kissing Amanda, Sloane is thinking about her viral video with Jude, Skylar is thinking about rugby (which he mistakenly thinks is rogue beef), and Henry is thinking what he is thinking in some sort of thought loop. Although there is not enough time for the dancers to be taught the skill, the dancers still become aware of their connection to each other.

In Java Junction, Riley frantically tells Amanda the news about Alfie, seeing as she is one of the three people she told about Alfie's royal status. Amanda assures Riley that they have time to rework the dance and that, even without him, they have enough dancers for Regionals, but it does nothing to help Riley's anxiety. Riley tells Amanda that she would usually talk to James about stuff like this, but Amanda blasts the idea, asserting that she would never talk to Noah about one of her ex-boyfriends. Nonetheless, Riley feels like keeping the news from James is lying. In the Rehearsal Room, Eldon, West, and the dancers try to come up with a theme for their dance. The dancers' love lives come up then; Noah admits he is dating Amanda, Henry admits he is dating no one, Sloane admits that she has feelings for someone and that she had to put those feelings aside for the sake of a friendship, and Skylar reveals that she has a boyfriend who doesn't attend the studio, much to everyone's surprise. West condemns the relationship talk, just as Eldon swoons about dating Thalia, since the relationship between them as dancers is much more important (which he dubs "brodom"). Henry suggests that the theme of the dance be being there for your friends when they need you. Eldon and West discredit this, only to voice the same idea.

As the final step of their plan, West and Eldon dance, and the other dancers follow suit. Riley arrives as they finish dancing and reveals that Alfie will not be returning, and claims it is because he is a prince. The dancers proceed to panic. Riley confesses that James would know exactly what to do, but that he cannot risk losing him again.

Tcob james riley arm

Riley tells James that she loves him.

Later, James and Riley eat together in the Lounge, Riley trying and failing to act like nothing is wrong. James knows something is up, but since Riley won't tell him, he proceeds to give her "the look," which Riley cannot say no to. Riley hesitantly reveals that she wants to talk about Alfie and although he doesn't wish to talk about him, James does so to help Riley. Riley tells James that Alfie has left for good even though he was the strongest dancer and that she fears her personal drama will ruin their chances at Regionals. James assures Riley that if anyone should be blamed, it should be Alfie for leaving, and that everyone on A-Troupe is just as good as Alfie. Riley rests her head on James' shoulder and James wraps his arm around her, assuring her that everything will be okay. Riley tells James she loves him and thanks him for always being there; he assures her that he will always be there. Riley confesses that she never should have doubted that she can talk to James and that he is the best boyfriend.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Randy Bachman.




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