West Thalia season 3 episode 18
This is page is a transcript for the episode "Taking Care of Business." Note that this page does not include the "Previously on" segment, nor an in-depth description of the theme song sequence.
Noah alfie ytigc "An unfinished conversation deserves to be finished."

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Various shots of London. Establishing shot of the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza venue. Cut to James and Riley walking up the entrance ramp to the stage, hand-in-hand.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I had no idea I was gonna end up in England when I woke up yesterday. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] But I followed my heart and... it lead me to James.

Cut to Riley and James slow dancing on the stage. Camera zooms in on James and Riley's intertwined fingers, then to them dancing.

James: [Voice-over.] After Riley and I broke up, I never thought I'd see her again. Until she showed up in London. [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] And you know what? It was perfect.

Cut to close-up of James' face. Camera cuts to aerial shot of James and Riley dancing.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I can't believe I ever doubted my love for James. [Camera zooms in on James and Riley's hands. Cut to Riley, eyes closed, as she rests her chin on James' shoulder as they dance.] Dancing with him right now, it's clear how much I love him and he loves me.

Camera zooms out to aerial shot of James and Riley dancing. Camera zooms in on the two's faces.

Riley: There's so much I want to say to you.

Camera zooms out. Cut to side shot of James and Riley.

James: [Voice cracking slightly.] Stop. You're here, that's enough.

Riley: Okay. Just one thing. I love you.

James: [Smiles.] I know. I love you too.

James and Riley kiss. The kiss ends. Cut to to theme sequence. Cut to various shots of downtown Toronto. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Amanda: [Voice-over.] One, [Cut to Amanda leading A-Troupe in exercises.] three, five, seven, fast. [Cut to side shot of the dancers exercising. Voice-over.] Right now, I'm leading A-Troupe in some conditioning exercises. [Cut to Amanda in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] Michelle and I have kinda been in charge since Riley went on her trip.

Cut to Michelle observing the dancers from Riley's office. Her phone begins to buzz and Michelle grabs it.

Amanda: Three.

Michelle: [Voice-over.] Looks like Amanda and I [Cut to side shot of Michelle.] won't be holding down the fort for much longer. [Michelle turns and exits the office, just as Riley and James pass by.] I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when they see [Riley and Michelle hug each other in greeting.] who's back!

Cut to Amanda leading A-Troupe in conditioning exercises.

Amanda: [Laughs.] Five. [Cut to James and Riley walking, hand-in-hand, Michelle walking beside James. All three individuals are smiling.] I can't... [Cut to Amanda and the other dancers.] No they're not.

A-Troupe: [Laughs.]

Michelle: Hey guys! [The dancers turn toward Michelle.] Um... come on.

The dancers rise from their positions and walk toward Michelle, Riley, and James.

Amanda: What's going on?

Riley: Um... sorry that I [Cut to Henry, Sloane, LaTroy, Piper.] left, but I had some business [Cut Riley staring pointedly at James.] to take care of.

Cut to A-Troupe looking at Riley, James, and Michelle.

Amanda: Glad to see you guys back together!

James and Henry dance playfully at each other.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I was a little nervous to see [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] how everyone would react, but they're all happy for us... [Camera zooms in on Riley.] except for one person... who's not here.

Cut to Riley and James.

Riley: Um... where's... where's Alfie?

Cut to Henry, Sloane, and LaTroy looking around. Cut to Piper looking around. Cut to Michelle, who cast her eyes downward and tilts her mouth. Cut to overview of the crowd.

Riley: Is there something you're not telling me, Michelle?

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: Well, he hasn't been here in a couple of days. [Cut to Riley and James.] Maybe he's sick or something.

Cut to Henry, Sloane, and LaTroy, Henry regarding the ground.

Henry: [Voice-over.] Alfie picked a good day to be sick. [Cut to Henry in Talking Heads.] If he saw Riley and James holding hands [Camera zooms in on Henry.] it would break his heart.

Cut back to crowd.

Riley: Okay. Um... I'll... I'll call him later and deal with that but... for now, um, Piper [Cut to Piper and Amy, Piper in the foreground.] can I talk to you in my office, alone? [Piper nods slightly, her facial expression revealing slight discomfort, and walks on. Voice-over.] Now that James and I are back together, I need to fix all the problems [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] I made along the way. Starting with Piper. [Camera zooms in on Riley.] I owe her an apology.

Cut to Riley and Piper entering Riley's office. Camera zooms in on Piper, who lets out a deep breath as Riley closes the door. Cut back to Riley and Piper.

Riley: You can sit.

Piper takes a seat.

Riley: I just wanted to apologize. [Cut to Piper.] I know I ruined our relationship. You have every right to be mad at me. [Cut to Riley.] You trusted me and I let you down. And I am so sorry for that. [Cut to Piper.] What I did to James was not fair—

Piper: —Can I interrupt you for a minute?

Riley: [Cut to Riley.] Yes.

Cut to Piper and Riley.

Piper: You don't have to say any of this. [Cut to Piper.] I forgive you. [Cut to Riley, starting to smile.] As long as James is happy, I'm happy, [Cut to Piper.] and James is always happiest when he's with you. [Cut to Riley, smiling.] You and me, [Cut to Piper], we're like sisters a.o hear you say that. [Cut to Piper and Riley.] Can I have a hug?

Piper rises, and she and Riley hug.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I would feel terrible if Piper hadn't forgiven me. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] She's my little sister and I'm glad to have her back.

Cut to Riley, James, and Piper dancing in white walls. Cut to Noah, Skylar, Sloane, and Henry in The Rehearsal Room. Henry appears to be stretching

Noah: [To Henry.] Eyes on me. Eyes on me!

Henry performs a backflip.

Noah: Oh, okay!

Sloane: Oh, beast!

Noah: That was better, man. That was better. [Noah and Henry clap hands.] Beast, bro.

Henry: [Voice-over.] Right now [Cut to Henry in Talking Heads.] we're supposed to be rehearsing our small group routine for Regionals. But... [Camera zooms in on Henry.] that's a little hard to do without Alfie.

Cut to Riley entering The Rehearsal Room.

Skylar: That was good, that was good.

Cut to Riley and the four dancers.

Riley: Hey, guys! So, I have a bit of a surprise for you. I thought I'd bring in some choreographers to help you with your routine.

Cut to Noah, Skylar, Sloane, Henry.

Noah, Skylar, Sloane, Henry: Who?

Riley: Well...

Somebody makes trumpet noises with their mouth as two hands materialize in the doorway, one holding a trophy. Cut back to Riley and the dancers. Moments later, West and Eldon enter the room, holding the trophy between them.

Skylar: [Voice-over.] These guys just won basically the [Cut to Skylar in Talking Heads.] biggest hip-hop competition in the entire world. We couldn't ask for better choreographers.

Cut back to West and Eldon, holding the trophy up above them. Eldon jokingly flexes. Camera pans out.

West: [Voice-over.] This isn't just any trophy [Cut to West in Talking Heads.] This is a British trophy [Camera zooms in on West.] and it deserves a grand entrance. [Cut everybody marveling at the trophy.] Yeah, it's pretty sweet, isn't it?

Henry tries to touch the trophy, resulting in Eldon screaming and West placing his hand on his chest as though he were having a heart attack.

West: I almost had a heart attack. Okay. No touching or breathing around the trophy. As a matter of fact, back it up.

Eldon: Back it up.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I thought West and Eldon helping with this team was a no-brainer, [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] but that was before they won that trophy and it went straight to their heads.

Cut back to The Rehearsal Room.

Riley: Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with... have fun.

Riley exits the room.

West: Alright.

Eldon: 'Kay.

West: It's gonna be awesome.

Eldon: Alright.

West: Okay, so, um, I wanna know [Riley returns, grabs the trophy] what—ah!

Eldon: Oh my gosh!

Cut to view of Eldon and West, visibly shaken. Cut to Riley leaving.

West: She just took the trophy.

Eldon: You know what? It was distracting us anyways; it's probably better that she takes it.

Cut to Noah, Skylar, Sloane, and Henry.

West: [Voice-over.] Eldon and I are here to see what these guys got. [Cut to West in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] If these guys are on A-Troupe... that means they're good. I'm pretty sure what every choreo they put together is already really strong.

Cut to the dancers commencing their routine. Cut to Eldon and West watching admirably. Cut back to the dancers.

Noah: [Voice-over.] We're a little off balance without Alfie right now, but [Cut to Noah in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] West and Eldon are professionals. They'll have to see past that.

Cut to the dancers.

West: The choreography's good [Cut to side shot of Eldon and West.], but I don't know if it's ready for Regionals.

Eldon: Yeah... they're not maximizing their talents.

West: Yeah.

Camera pans out to frontal shot.

West: [Tapping Eldon.] That's where we come in.

Eldon: Yeah, bro.

Cut to dancers.

West: [Voice-over.] They're in sync, but they're not really gelling. [Cut to West in Talking Heads.] If they wanna be a Regionals winning team [Camera zooms in on West.] they're gonna have to learn how to be more connected.

Cut to the dancers. They finish their routine. Cut to West and Eldon.

Eldon: Ooh. Okay! [Cut to view of all room's occupants.] That was really good, guys.

West: Yeah.

Eldon: Good job!

West: Really good!

Eldon: But... you have a lot of hard work ahead of you.

Cut to Eldon and West.

West: Yeah. The choreography is good, but I don't think everything is at the level for Regionals yet.

Camera pans out.

Eldon: And that's where we come in. We feel like we need to add something to make this a Regionals winning routine. [Cut to dancers, nodding.] So we're gonna talk that over and figure out what that is [Cut to view of all of the room's occupants.] and then we'll get started. Sound cool?

Skylar: Sounds good.

The dancers, West, and Eldon disperse.

Skylar: [Voice-over.] I'm sure whatever West and Eldon add [Cut to Skylar in Talking Heads.] is going to make the dance that much better.

Cut to Riley sitting at her desk in her office.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I'm dreading making this call. This isn't just any trophy [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] But I stood Alfie up at the airport and [Camera zooms in on Riley.] he deserves to know why.

Cut back to Riley at her desk, making a call. Cut to Alfie performing spins on a never-before-seen stage. Alfie's butler emerges with his ringing phone. Alfie finishes spinning and regards the butler. The butler bows and hands Alfie his phone.

Alfie: Merci, [unintelligible]. [Alfie picks up the phone.] Hello?

Riley: Hey, Alfie.

Camera zooms in on Alfie.

Alfie: Hey, Riley.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Uh... I'm sorry I left you at the airport. [Cut to Alfie.] Are you okay?

Alfie: I'm fine.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: There's so much I need to say too you, but I wanna say it in person. When are you coming back to the studio? [Cut to Alfie, zoomed in.] Tomorrow, the day after?

Alfie: I'm not coming back.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: What?

Alfie: I'm done. [Cut to Alfie.] I-I've left for good. [Cut to Riley, shocked.] I'm in Switzerland. I gotta go... bye.

Cut to Alfie, who shakes his head once, then ends the call. Cut to Riley who, stunned, lowers her cell phone. Cut to side shot of Riley.

Riley: [Voice-over.] Alfie left because of me. Without him, we might not win Regionals. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] My personal drama could cost us everything.

Cut to black. Cut to various shots of Toronto. Cut to establishing shot of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Eldon and West speaking, with Sloane, Skylar, Noah and Henry in the background.

West: [Voice-over.] Riley asked Eldon and I to [Cut to West in Talking Heads.] help out with the small group for the Regionals routine. [Camera zooms in on West.] After a little brainstorming, I know exactly what we need to do.

Cut to West and Eldon walking to toward the dancers.

West: Okay! Alright, everybody. Everybody.

Eldon: [Whispers.] Everybody.

West: Alright, um, everyone, let's sit in a circle.

Sloane, Skylar, Noah, and Henry, comply.

Skylar: [Voice-over.] I'm not sure how sitting in a the floor has anything to do with choreography. [Cut to Skylar in Talking Heads.] But, I'm new to being dance captain, so what do I know?

Cut to everybody sitting in a circle, Eldon in view.

Eldon: Alright. Hold hands.

Everyone holds hands.

Henry: Don't you think this is kinda [Cut to Henry, confused.] a weird staring position for a hip-hop routine?

Cut to everybody in the circle, West in view.

West: See, we're not dancing just yet. Everybody at Regionals is going to be great dancers, but in order for you guys to win, [Cut to Henry, pensive.] you have to do something [Cut to West in view.] different. Okay?

The dancers nod.

Eldon: If you wanna be the best at Regionals, you gotta be totally connected.

West: [Voice-over.] What's the most important part about dance? [Cut to West in Talking Heads, zoomed.] It's about [West lifts a finger to his head and taps it.] what's going on upstairs.

Cut to everybody in the circle, West in view.

West: You're going to need to know how to read each other's minds.

Cut to Henry, smiling.

Henry: [Voice-over.] West is talking next level stuff here. [Cut to Skylar, mildly worried.] And I absolutely [Cut to Henry in Talking Heads, zoomed.] love it.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: That's impossible. Nobody can read minds like that.

Cut to Noah, Eldon, and West.

West: Oh, really? Well then, how do I know that Eldon is hungry?

Noah: That's easy. [Cut to Noah and Eldon.] Eldon's hungry all the time.

West: True. [Cut to Eldon and West.] How do I know that he is hungry for a tuna salad and some French—no, no, curly fries?

Cut to Henry, nodding admirably.

Eldon: Right on the money.

West: See?

Henry: [Voice-over.] I've never seen anything like it. [Cut to Henry in Talking Heads.] It's like West and Eldon are the same person.

Cut to Noah, Eldon, and West.

West: And this connection, it doesn't only apply to your best friends. Alright? Noah, how do I know that you are thinking about kissing Amanda? [Cut to Noah and Eldon, Noah smirking.] And, [Cut to Henry, excited.] Sloane [Cut to Sloane.] how do I know you're thinking about that recent video that you just filmed with Jude that just went viral?!

Cut to Noah, Eldon, and West.

Eldon: Nice!

West: Congratulations!

Henry: Sweet!

Cut to Sloane, smiling.

Sloane: Thanks!

West: Um... [Cut to Noah, Eldon, and West.] Skylar. [Cut to Skylar.] You're thinking about a [Cut to Eldon and West.] rogue... beef?

Cut to Skylar.

Skylar: It was rugby but...

West: Rugby.

Skylar: Still... amazing.

West: Alright. [Cut to Eldon and West.] Henry. [Cut to Henry in deep concentration. Cut to Sloane, mildly confused.] Henry, [Cut to Eldon and West.] you're thinking about what I'm thinking about. It's kind of like a thought loop; [Cut to Henry, nodding.] it's really freaky.

Skylar: Okay, [Cut to Skylar.] so you mean, we're gonna be able to do that?