Taveeta Maria Chanel Szymanowicz-Bramble[2] (born June 17, 1996) portrays Thalia on The Next Step.


Taveeta was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario to a Polish mother and St. Lucian father.[2]

Taveeta started dancing at the age of 6 by taking a ballet class that her mother enrolled her in due to her hyperactivity.[3] Later, at the age of 9, she took a jazz class and found her passion for dance.[3]


Taveeta currently portrays Valerie Graves on the Nickelodeon show Make It Pop. She is set to portray Ashley in the film adaptation of David Levithan's critically acclaimed novel, Every Day.[4]

She has released three songs entitled: "Girls Night," "Fantasy Interlude," and "Better Off Without You." In 2017, she released her first album entitled Resurrection.[5]

She choreographed a dance in Season 6.[6]

Personal life

Taveeta attended Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts.[7] While in high school, she took a law course and loved it; Taveeta has said that she would be a lawyer if she weren't a dancer.[8]

Taveeta has two half-sisters named Ava and Piper.[9] She has family residing in Greece.[10]


  • Taveeta's favourite singer is Shane Harte.[2]
  • Taveeta's favourite food is a Polish delicacy known as strawberry mac.[3]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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