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Tess (formerly Jamie[Note 1]) is a former Elite dancer and the former assistant captain at Elite Dance Academy.


Before the Show

Tess was a member of Elite Dance Academy as well as Amanda's assistant captainer. She went to Absolute Dance Regionals and Absolute Dance Nationals thrice.

Season 1

Tess competes with her team at Absolute Dance Regionals, but loses in the finals to The Next Step Dance Studio.[1]

Season 2

Tess collaborates with Amanda and Lucien in their attempt to make sure The Next Step Dance Studio does not make it to Nationals. She is content when her team is able to sneak into a Regionals competition in another region and win, thus setting their plan into motion.[2]

Tess dances in her team's small group routine at Nationals and helps them advance to the next round of the competition.[3]

Lucien tess season 2 3

Tess is ordered to mess with Michelle.

On Lucien's word, Tess frames Michelle for shoplifting at the mall so that Michelle will miss her solo back at the Nationals venue, but the plan backfires and she is presumably arrested for shoplifting.[4]

Season 3

Tess participates in a plan with Lucien and Daniel in which, after James is picked for the dance battle, she switches the hat to one with all Riley's name.[5]

Despite her over-confidence, Tess loses against Amanda in the dance battle.[6]


Tess is conceited, sneaky and deceitful. She is an integral often a part of Lucien's plans to bring down The Next Step Dance Studio.

It is probable that Tess's spiteful character does not stem from herself, but from the ideals that Lucien has pushed on her during her time at Elite. Tess' harsh words are often conveyed in a mechanical manner, as if she doesn't mean what she is saying, but is merely spewing such messages because she is expected to.

Physical appearance

Tess has brown hair, light freckled skin, and a nose piercing. She is quite short.

She wears black dance wear.



Main article: Amanda

Amanda was allegedly Tess's best friend when they were both a part of Elite. Despite their past, Amanda has realized Tess's negative nature and has since unfriended her.


Main article: Shantel

Shantel and Tess are best friends; they both are assistant captains at Elite.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



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  1. While formally introduced as Tess during her first major appearance in "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," it is possible that her working name was "Jamie" in Season 1. This can be deduced from the fact that, during footage of Elite Dance Academy's practice is shown in "We Are Family," Regan Reynold's character is, presumably, referred to as Regan, mirroring the actress's first name. A character (who is not seen) is called out as Jamie. Seeing as Tess's actress, Jamie O'Leary is the only actress in the cast with the first name Jamie, it can be assumed that the address was made to her.


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