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Thalia is a contemporary dancer and a former member of A-Troupe and Wojdan Dance Academy. She is currently the studio head of AcroNation.

Thalia becomes a member of A-Troupe[3] and remains as such for two dance seasons.

After the team's Internationals win, Thalia decides she wants to explore her Polish heritage and accepts an offer to dance with Wojdan Dance Academy.[4]


Before the show

Thalia won Regionals and Nationals with her studio,[5] therefore attending Internationals.[6]

Season 2

Thalia arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio for the Challenge.[6] Before the auditions, she is antagonized by Daniel. This is resolved after she makes it onto A-Troupe with him.[3]

Thallia becomes a dancer in the small group routine for Nationals with Giselle and Amanda,[7] alongside whom she also places second in a trio competition.[8]

When her and Giselle's plan to motivate Riley and James backfires, she is entrusted with the duet.[9]

The departure of Amanda[10] takes Thalia off of the small group and, after convincing Riley and James to take it back, Thalia no longer has the duet.[11]

While searching for a sweet spot on the Nationals stage, Thalia is approached by Eldon who shows her his favourite sweet spot and makes her promise not to tell anybody about it.[12]

Thalia is elated when the team wins the competition.[13]

Season 3

Thalia falls for Eldon, the feelings of which are reciprocated. She is upset when Eldon is unable to date her due to an agreement,[14] but comes to terms with it. Thalia devises ways to spend with him that evade the agreement's restrictions, all of which fail.

Thalia's studying of new languages and fluency in Polish cause her to be enlisted onto a routine with three other foreign dancer. Thalia bonds with her Polish teammate, Bartek, and wins with her team.[15]

Thalia is happy to finally date Eldon after he wins a turning competition, but sad when Bartek leaves the competition soon after when his team is eliminated.[16]

Thalia is elated to win the competition, especially with Eldon.[17]

Season 4

After getting an offer, Thalia moves to Poland to join Wojdan Dance Academy.[4] While in Poland, she texts Eldon, asking him if he is in London.[18]

Thalia visits Eldon and assures him that she did not leave him for Bartek, but to explore her heritage. She also tells Eldon that she loves him. She is confused when Eldon faints upon her proclamation, but is ecstatic when he tells her that he loves her.[19]

Season 5

Thalia attends the dance-a-thon.[20]

Thalia goes on tour.[21]

Season 6

Thalia has left Wojdan Dance Academy. Thalia becomes studio head of Acro Nation and rents out Studio 1 from The Next Step.[21]

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Thalia is loving, optimistic, kind, and hardworking. Although, she is somewhat of a dork, and is quirky and incredibly strange, being one of two known to believe in sweet spots. Despite her primary cheeriness, Thalia can be quite impatient and stern. According to her, she is very clumsy.[22]

Thalia appears to follow an esoteric religion, due to her adamant belief in sweet spots.





  • Singing: Thalia is a talented singer, but can only sing while performing odd movements.[23]


  • Languages: Thalia is fluent in Polish.[15] She also dabbles in Italian and French[24] and can greet in 56 languages.[15]



Thalia has a medium dark complexion and dark eyes. Thalia has dark brown hair that alternates between wavy and straight over the course of her first two dance seasons at The Next Step Dance Studio. After leaving the studio, her hair is dyed light brown at the ends.


Thalia's dance wear consists mostly of green, purple, and pink shirts with shorts.

Outside of the studio, Thalia is often seen in dresses and skirts. Although, she occasionally wears casual attire, like leggings and a t-shirt.


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