West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 2


— about Daniel, "Ready to Start"

Season 3

Oh, that's easy. He doesn't wash his lucky sock for, like, three weeks before a competition.

— to Phoebe , "Your New Beginning"

Hey, your teeth! [...] You-you've got something in your teeth.

— to Riley, "Your New Beginning"

Watching Eldon dance makes me like him even more than I already do.

— "Can't Fight This Feeling"

What? Are you, like, running a store?

— to Eldon, "Do the Right Thing"

Bonjour, bonjour! Dzien dobry!

— to her competitors, "Welcome to Miami"

I've been so excited for Internationals that I taught myself how to say hello in 55 languages.

— "Welcome to Miami"

Ciao, bella, bella! Buongiorno!

— to the Italian competitors, "Welcome to Miami"

56, 'cause I taught myself Swedish this morning.

— about the amount of languages she knows, "We Are the World"

It's nice to kiss Eldon and not have James yell at me for it.

— "Turn, Turn, Turn"

I did this with my family, I did this with my boyfriend. It's just... it's such an amazing feeling.

— "How It Ends"

Season 4

I just hope Eldon understands that I need to follow my heart.

— "One More Time"