"The 'P' Bet" is a deleted scene from the episode, "The Game Belongs to Me."


Upon the completion of the auditions for the upcoming qualifier, Henry and Noah create a bet.


Henry and Noah enter Java Junction, conversing about their auditions. After Henry orders two peach mango drinks, he presents the possibility that only one of them made it onto the small group for the qualifier; both Noah and Henry believe that they are the individual who made it onto the the group. Thus, the two create a bet: whoever doesn't get picked for the group can't use the letter "P" for the rest of the day. Noah confesses how positive he is that he will win the bet.

Henry noah season 4 the p bet 2

Henry rests his head on the table in frustration.

After having received the verdict (that Noah is in the group and Henry isn't), Noah finds Henry finger tutting at a table in Java Junction and sits with him. Henry confesses that despite losing, he believes that he can go without using the letter P. Noah suggests that Henry buys pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of pineapple juice, causing Henry to rest his head on the table in exasperation.

While Henry eats a pastrami sandwich, Noah eats pepperoni pizza and mocks Henry for being unable to use the letter "P". Alfie enters the store and invites the two to go play ping-pong with him. He tells the two that they are leaving in five minutes and leaves the store. Henry finally breaks and begs Noah to let him use the letter "P". Noah decides that there is one way for Henry to get to say the letter.

Henry season 4 the p bet

Henry looks up after having eaten the pie.

Noah asks everybody in the juice bar to gather around, places a garbage bag around Henry's body, and places an extra extra extra large shower cap on Henry's head, which Noah confesses he had to go to eleven stores to find. Noah asks Patricia to "pie [him]"; she presents him with a pie which he subsequently places on the table in front of Henry. Noah tells Henry that has to consume the whole pie with no hands. Henry tells Noah to tell his mother that he loves her, then propels his face into the pie and begins eating it, much to the amusement of the crowd. Noah confesses that he admires Henry and asserts that they are cut from the same cloth. After Henry finishes eating the pie, he exclaims that he is "pleased to be proceeding with [his] 'P'-filled life" and splatters Noah in the process of wiping pie off of his face. Still clothed in his garbage bag and shower cap, Henry exits Java Junction to go play ping-pong and is followed by an amused Noah. Henry confesses that he is free at last.







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