The B-Twist (short for The Butterfly Twist) is a complicated breakdance flip which James initially had trouble completing successfully.


The B-Twist is an advanced breakdance flip which takes a lot of practice to perfect.

The move consists of the performer rotating in a horizontal position. This is similar to the butterfly kick, but rather than kicking, one twists at a fast speed.


The B-Twist has been performed in many routines.

Eldon is the first to mention and perform it.[1] It is later revealed —to the surprise of many of his fellow dancers, since Eldon, West, and Hunter can perform it without fail—that James has trouble performing the move; he is advised by Luther Brown only to perform it when he hears it "talking" to him.[2]

At Nationals, James is torn between performing the B-Twist in the "Never Get Lost" small group routine or not; he ultimately doesn't, slightly disappointing the rest of A-Troupe. However, after being encouraged by Riley, he aces it in their "Whirlwind" duet, exciting the rest of the team.[3]



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