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The Challenge (known as "The Winnowing" by Elite[1]) is an event in which a team that has won Regionals holds open auditions in order to create a new Nationals team. This is done at The Next Step[2][3][4]Michelle's old studio[1] and at Elite.[1]


The topic is introduced in when Amanda enters the studio and tells A-Troupe of the event. Michelle asserts that it is legitimate, as it was done at her old studio.[1]

Eventually Kate, Phoebe, Emily, and Michelle decide that they will do it, despite the mixed reviews from the current members of A-Troupe.


Dance studios from across the region are contacted and permitted to audition. For the first round, each dancer has to make up a solo in the hopes that they will qualify to the second round, which is the choreography round. Of the first round, 20 dancers (including Michelle and Emily who have guaranteed spots) will make it to the second round. In the second round, the dancers have 30 minutes to learn choreography that Phoebe has taught them. After the round, the 12 dancers needed for the Nationals team are picked.


Round 1: Solos

After a series of solos, the 20 dancers that are picked are: Michelle, EmilyEldon, Hunter, James, Riley, Beth, Amanda, Cass, Morgan, Jake, Thalia, Daniel, Noah, Richelle, West, Tiffany, Stephanie, Chloe and Giselle.[3]

Round 2: Choreography

The remaining 20 dancers have thirty minutes to learn choreography that Phoebe has created. They audition in three groups of six and only twelve make it through, them being: Emily, Michelle, James, Riley, Amanda, Hunter, Giselle, Chloe, Eldon, Thalia, West and Daniel.[4]

Audition songs


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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