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The Competition (occasionally called "dance battles" although with no official name) is an event set at the beginning of Season 3. It is demanded by Lucien, with the perceived purpose being of making a new Internationals team, and the underlying purpose being to destroy The Next Step and create a new faction of Elite.


The Competition is firstly proposed at the latter of "Rewind," upon Kate's studio having been bought, although vaguely. It turns out that Lucien is the one who bought the building, and that it was a ploy for the mere purpose of holding this competition.

There are 12 Next Step dancers and 12 Elite dancers that take part. Their names are put into a hat; two names are pulled out, with the two dancers having to take part in a dance battle. The person who gets the most votes after the battle has a spot on the Internationals team and the other one is immediately kicked out. Since Michelle is absent for the competition, Lucien makes a proposal prior to the day of the battles: for Michelle to be on the team, she counts as an Elite win. Believing that she will need Michelle on the team, Kate agrees.[1] There is yet another catch, that although still unknown by the dancers, is negotiated between Kate, Phoebe, and Lucien. If seven TNS dancers make it onto the team, Kate gets to keep the studio, and if seven Elite dancers make the team, Lucien gets the studio. Ultimately, Kate wins the bet.

Upon hearing about the competition, Eldon immediately quits the team, but returns after receiving word that Daniel will be competition on Elite's team.[2] Although the battles, for the most part, run smoothly, Lucien, Daniel, and Tess stage a secret plan: when James's name is picked, Lucien creates a diversion, giving Daniel and Tess the window to switch the hat with one consisting of (presumably) only Riley's name. At the latter of the plan, James picks Riley's name. To this day, these three are the only individuals who are aware of the plot.[3]


  • Two competitiors names are pulled out of a hat.
  • The winner of the two is on the Internationals team.
  • If one or both opt out, they are off the team.


The Next Step Dance Studio

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Elite Dance Academy

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Names in italics are the names of the victors.

Competition songs


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