The Dolphin Tail is a move used by Chris during his time at The Next Step Dance Studio to get the attention of the dancers in A-Troupe. It is first introduced in "Get the Party Started." This move acts as a running gag.


To execute such a signal, one raises their right hand, calls out "Dolphin Tail!" and makes noises that resemble that of a dolphin. It is humorous, but seemingly effective.


Despite being Chris's signature, the Dolphin Tail is also used by other individuals. Kate performs the signal in "Video Killed the Radio Star", when A-Troupe is being particularly rowdy; however, she executes it poorly to the point that the team bursts into laughter. In the same episode, Daniel, West, Eldon, and James mock it when they are dismissed by Emily into Studio B. Emily also performs it in "Dancing in the Street."