See, I think you wanted to hang out with Sloane more than you wanted to hang out with Amy.

Noah to, LaTroy

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"The Edge of Glory" is the 36th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 130th episode. It aired on April 14, 2017.


"The team prepares to leave for Regionals. Cassie is made the alternate dancer. Giselle drops by on a break from her tour and gives Amanda a special invitation."[1]


Eog cassie is the alternate

Cassie is announced to the alternate.

Riley goes over Regionals with A-Troupe, seeing as it is so near. Eight teams will be competing at the competition. The first round is the solo round, which Michelle will compete in. Michelle's victory would move the team forward to the quartet round, which Sloane, Piper, Cassie, and Skylar will compete in. The quartet's victory would send the team straight the semi-finals, thus giving them more time to rehearse. However, if Michelle loses, the team must move to the trio round, which Amy, Amanda, and Michelle would compete in and would have to win to not be eliminated. After the trio round would be the duet round, which Richelle and Noah would compete in. Only after that would the team move to the semi-finals, where Sloane, Henry, Skylar, Noah, and Piper, in replacement of Alfie, would compete. Piper is happy about getting the spot, but worries about having to fill Alfie's shoes. The finals would be the last round. Amanda reminds Riley that she hasn't decided the line-up for the final routine, and Riley reveals that Cassie will be the team's alternate. Cassie is left feeling terrible.

Noah, Henry, Skylar, Sloane, and Piper rehearse their quintet, with Piper struggling profusely. Piper and her peers are worried, since the complex choreography was originally meant for Alfie and Regionals is just around the corner. Cassie oversees the rehearsal; although she is still in the quartet dance, she is left with nothing else to do since Sloane and Skylar are rehearsing their quintet dance. When the routine ends, Piper assures her fellow dancers that they have to change the choreography, since she is not Alfie. The conversation devolves into pessimistic jargon, which Skylar tries to dispel. Cassie, seeing this, realizes that if she gets Alfie to return, everything will sort itself out.

In Java Junction, Michelle tells Amanda that she is in disbelief that they are going to Regionals. Michelle is especially excited since the two of them were merely alternates at Internationals and she is the soloist. Amanda supports Michelle, but confesses that she only has the trio and group dance to show for her entire year. Just then, Giselle, who has a few days off from her tour, appears. The three girls embrace and Giselle asserts that she came to wish them good luck. Michelle leaves to rehearse her solo, and Giselle pulls Amanda aside to tell her some news. Riley sits in her office, stressing about the impending competition, complete with compulsively eating jellybeans. James sees this and comes up with an idea.

Sloane latroy michelle season 4 teog

Michelle apologizes to LaTroy and Sloane for interrupting their "date."

Sloane cools down in the Rehearsal Room during her break and is joined by LaTroy. It turns out that is their "friendiversary," an annual occasion commemorating the day they met. Sloane and LaTroy recount how they met, which was by Sloane throwing a toy truck at LaTroy's head. The two continue to recount different periods of their relationship when Michelle enters. Michelle apologizes for interrupting their date, immediately causing Sloane and LaTroy to assure her that they are not dating. Uncaring, Michelle just asks to use the space to rehearse. Sloane and LaTroy agree, wondering why Michelle would think they are dating when LaTroy is clearly dating Amy.

Giselle tells Amanda about the tour, boasting their travels to Berlin, Paris, and Rome. Amanda is left astounded and envious. Giselle tells Amanda that there is an open spot on the tour and that the tour manager wants her to fill it. Although, the catch is that for Amanda to go on the tour, she would have to leave the same day as Regionals finals. Amanda recognizes the amazing opportunity, but also understands her commitment to the team.

Feeling guilty about his friendiversary, LaTroy waits for Amy in the Lounge with chocolate and flowers. Amy is confused as to what the occasion is, and LaTroy reminds her that it is their 10-week anniversary. Seeing as LaTroy can't even remember his birthday let alone such a meaningless anniversary, Amy realizes that LaTroy feels guilty about his friendiversary. Amy assures LaTroy that she is totally okay with his friendiversary, seeing as he and Sloane are so close. Nonetheless, LaTroy still feels guilty.

Eog cassie chastises alfie

Cassie chastises Alfie for his reason for leaving.

Cassie and Henry, who Cassie invited because of his friendship with Alfie, video chat Alfie in the Lounge. Henry asks Alfie if him being a prince is the reason he left, but Alfie assures him that the only thing stopping him from returning is a broken heart. While Henry understands, Cassie angrily tells Alfie to get over himself and return, shocked that Alfie's reason for departure was a break-up, seeing as Riley claimed he left to attend to royal business. Despite understanding Cassie's frustration, Alfie refuses to return and ends the call.

Noah notices LaTroy sulking in Java Junction and asks him what is wrong. LaTroy tells Noah that he hung out with Sloane and, feeling guilty about it, tried to do something nice for Amy, yet still feels guilty. Since Amy wasn't even mad about the occurrence, Noah deduces that LaTroy wants to hang out with Sloane more so than with Amy. LaTroy confesses that ever since his return to the studio, he is confused about his relationships with Amy and Sloane.

Cassie asks Henry what they are going to do about Regionals since Alfie is gone. Henry assures Cassie that they will be okay. Cassie shortly assures Henry that she knows and admits that she wants to help the team since she is now an alternate. Henry tells Cassie that while Alfie chose to leave, she and the rest of the team chose to stay and they will all take part in helping the team win. Cassie realizes that perhaps everything worked out how it was supposed to.

A-troupe band we are

A-Troupe dances to the band's music.

Riley leads the team into Studio A, where James and his band are, in preparation to send off the team. The band begins their performance of their song, which everyone dances to. Amanda is distracted by the thought of Giselle's offer, which Noah notices. After Amanda lies to Noah that she is okay, the two dance together. Noah wonders what will become of their relationship if she leaves. Amy and LaTroy dance together, Amy excited about going to Regionals with him. Amy briefly dances with Sloane, only for Sloane to eventually dance with LaTroy. As they dance, LaTroy wonders what it means if he likes both Sloane and Amy. James confesses how proud he is of Riley as he plays, while Riley confesses that the send-off is exactly what the team needed. Riley hopes that the team is ready for Regionals.


  • Piper has taken Alfie's spot in the quintet for Regionals.
  • Cassie is an alternate for Regionals.
  • This episode takes places 10 weeks (a little over two months) after "I Only Have Eyes for You." Thus, it can be presumed that this episode takes place in April.



  • When announcing the dancers for the small group for Regionals, Riley does not announce Skylar as one of the five dancers.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Lady Gaga.




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