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"The Fallout" is the 5th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 69th episode overall. It aired on March 19, 2015.


Riley and James must compete against each other for a spot on the Internationals team.


Riley and James have to battle against each other, due to Daniel and Tess, on Lucien's accord, having secretly switched the hat for an identical one containing slips of paper which all have Riley's name on them. Riley and James practice their solos in the Music Room, and Riley reveals that she wants to forfeit, as she only wants to go to Internationals if James is going, and because she doesn't want to compete against him. James tells Riley that she has to dance her best no matter what.

Elite and The Next Step reassemble in Studio A for the dance battles. James looks heartbroken, according to Daniel, causing Daniel to be dementedly humored. Riley is asked to compete first; James hugs her and she walks onto the dance floor. Daniel is sure that Riley will be eliminated and not James, as he believes that Riley will crack under the pressure of the competition. Although, Riley dances well, gratifying James. When she finishes, James confesses that he knows what he has to do. James walks onto the dance floor, and even as the song "Straight to Top" plays, he remains still. Riley, and the other dancers alike, are confused by this. After glancing at Riley, James exits the studio in the midst of the song. Riley follows him and tells him that he still has time to compete, although when Kate accosts James, he declares that he has forfeited.

Later, James tries to Riley that, although he is sorry that he broke their promise, he forfeited for her. As James comes in for an embrace, Riley responds to the action by saying: "I can't." She then leaves, leaving James alone and pondering.

Kate richelle season 3 2

Richelle awaits Kate's message.

Kate calls Richelle into her office and offers her a spot on B-Troupe, as she claims that she has seen vast improvement in Richelle. Richelle gratefully accepts the offer.

Later, Hunter is seen packing up his bags due to his defeat, and James, West, and Eldon surprise him with a cake made by Eldon. The four taste the cake at once, and realize that is tastes awful; Eldon subsequently reveals that he didn't bake it. West comments that they need something to get them into the mood and soon enough the boys participate in their final dance together, all while contemplating on their friendship and how different A-Troupe will be without James and Hunter.

Skylar and Cierra are in Hidalgo's talking about what they will do in regards to dance, since their mom can't drive to two two separate studios. Stephanie overhears the predicament and suggests that Skylar be enrolled in B-Troupe. Skylar likes the idea, but fears that it will be rejected. Stephanie takes Cierra and Skylar to Kate's office and present the inquiry. Kate graciously accepts, and when Cierra also asks if Shannon and Abi can join, Kate agrees to this as well.

Eldon and Riley are sitting in Hidalgo's, Riley still questioning why James did what he did. Eldon comments that winning does not feel all that great and that he feels guilty that he had beaten Hunter just as they were becoming best friends. Finally, Riley fully understands why James did not compete.

Later, Noah approaches Max as to try to acquaint himself with him since they are now both on the same team. Noah awkwardly babbles as per usual, leaving Max unimpressed.


James hugs Riley.

In the episode's final scene, James is practicing his drumming in the Music Room. Riley enters and reveals to him that she now understands that James did what he did because he loves her. Riley and James hug after Riley makes him promise that they'll be okay, but he confesses that he is actually unsure.



Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song by Marianas Trench entitled "Fallout."





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